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Didn’t someone once say that if you repeat something often enough people will start to believe it?

All along Ron Paul supporters have been claiming their guy was the only consistently principled candidate, and the only candidate who truly represented a challenge to the corrupt established order in Washington, D.C.

Now their candidate has a chance to put his money where their mouth is.

With the unfortunate news this week that Rick Santorum quit the Republican presidential race – rather than risk political annihilation by losing his home state primary in Pennsylvania later this month – Paul is the last alternative to Mitt Romney remaining that actually has any resources necessary to compete.

Given all the big government Romney has supported (he was pro-TARP and pro-Porkulus), the fact he’s the architect of Obamneycare, all of his documented distortions and flip-flops, and that he’s likely just the next in a long line of RINO presidential losers from the Republicrat Machine’s assembly line of defeat, Mitt Romney should be the ideal foil for Paul’s “drain the swamp” mantra. If there is anybody that Paul should be able to successfully contrast himself with in making his case against perpetuating the Republicrat madness, it’s the man that is an absolute embodiment of everything Paul has made plenty of enemies in his own party fighting for decades.

That doesn’t even include this little nugget: 9% of the total popular vote Paul has received in the 2012 Republican presidential race came from the Virginia primary, the only state so far that Paul was allowed to go one-on-one with Romney (who actually got fewer votes in victory than Mike Huckabee got in finishing second there in 2008).

Clearly that provides plenty of incentive for Paul to finally unleash the hounds, right? Plenty of Paulistas have been clamoring for their guy to get more respect from the media, and anxiously awaiting his time to shine. Well, the time for Paul to grab the bull by the proverbial horns has finally come. The man who has branded himself the only revolutionary willing to take on the system now has his chance to make a statement.

He’s got resources, he’s got ideas (some of them are actually good), and he’s got plenty of skeptical conservatives (especially small business owners and those making less than $100,000 per year) who are just as motivated by anybody but Obamney as they are anybody but Obama.

Surely now, finally, Paul and his take-no-prisoners campaign operatives will swoop in for the kill? What better way to end all this nefarious (baseless?) media innuendo of a Paul-Romney alliance – which further convinced so many Paulistas of the system’s attempt to silence their champion – then to take advantage of an opportunity to draw a national contrast between the same-old-same-old GOP and the Ron Paul Revolution?

Pollster Scott Rasmussen recently noted how disenchanted voters are with both Obama and Obamney, and cited the overwhelming continued unpopularity of the bailouts both supported as the primary reason why. Those are bailouts Paul vehemently and valiantly opposed, which should just provide further impetus for Paul to finally get off the sidelines and play to win.

I can’t wait to see the Paul Campaign deconstruct Romney’s violations of Constitutional orthodoxy the way they went after Santorum’s and Newt Gingrich’s. Won’t that be fun? Boy, with some real resources behind him and such a consistent record of standing for first principles, this ought to be an easy sale for the (self-branded) only Constitutionalist to close.

I anxiously anticipate the confrontation every bit as much as Romney does. In fact, I’ll bet he’s shaking in his boots as we speak.

You know, someone should tell the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign that it’s tough to make the case you’re the guy to challenge the establishment if you don’t actually challenge the establishment.

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