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For Bible-believing Christians in 2016, Donald J. Trump was the most unlikely presidential candidate imaginable. He fathered children by three different wives, made some of his wealth in the gambling industry, and was known for using vulgar and degrading language.


He was no one’s image of a choirboy. But at some point, Trump managed to win the confidence of enough voters to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, and in the process he convinced the largest number of evangelicals in history to vote for him on Election Day, which was nothing short of a miracle.

Earlier this month, USA Today wrote that Trump’s evangelical support has been slipping, and I believe that’s partly why he’s been behind in most polls. His support dropped from 83 percent in the summer to 78 percent as recently as early October. From my vantage point, it’s clear some of that early support was lost because evangelicals believed that former Vice President Joe Biden was a man of character. They were sympathetic to the tragic loss of his first wife, his infant daughter, and later, his grown son, Beau. They felt that “Uncle Joe” could be trusted.

In these last nine days, all of that has changed. Evangelicals now clearly understand that Biden is corrupt. The laptop scandal is the mere tip of the iceberg.

No longer is Joe Biden the “sweet old Uncle Joe” of days gone by. While the 77-year-old seems more genteel at times than the 74-year-old tough-talking Trump, this isn’t about Trump as “bad” and Biden as “better.” This is about the depths of the Joe Biden-Hunter Biden scandal—and the fact that former family business associates who were copied on emails are now spilling the dirt.


Amid the bitter faceoff in 2020 between Trump—who’s kept many promises as president, including protecting religious freedom and constitutional rights—and Biden, along comes unmistakable proof that the Bidens have been involved in a deceptive web that includes selling influence and enriching the family. Evangelicals have a persuasive reason not to vote for Biden.

The similarities to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal are too great to ignore. A web of explosive emails are now coming out linking Joe Biden to secret meetings and a cut of the take.

Many American evangelicals no longer believe that Biden is some innocent bystander, as his family members, with no prior experience in many cases, raked in tens of millions of dollars just after a convenient flight to China or Ukraine on Air Force Two.

The Biden campaign may seem steady, but this growing crisis has shaken its foundation. While readers of my books know I’ve been a Trump supporter, I didn’t see all of this coming when I wrote “God, Trump, and the 2020 Election before the primaries—but this changes everything.

The proof of corruption is not only on the laptop. More allegations keep coming from former Biden business associates; and along with charges against Hunter Biden involving drug abuse, the use of pornography and more, evidence suggests he received $1.5 billion from China for a private equity firm and an 80 percent equity stake in CEFC, the China energy company.


The evidence keeps exposing Joe Biden as corrupt. Even as the mainstream media shields him and defends him, the Hunter email story continues to trend.

It will take time to sort through all the damning information on multiple devices to see if criminal charges will be brought over possible bribes of foreign agents, or worse; the laptop is even said to be connected to an FBI money laundering inquiry. In the meantime, we have an election here—and America’s future is at stake.

There are many other reasons not to vote for Biden—including the lackluster campaign he’s run and his serial plagiarism. But for anyone still undecided, it’s time to see the light. This is beyond personality, beyond policy. This is about base corruption. If even 10 percent of the laptop stories are true, it is enough to keep Joe Biden from the presidency.

During one of the most difficult summers in memory, evangelicals may have been stuck again on a rough-around-the-edges Trump, but this roiling Biden scandal is bringing them back to Trump—who, by the way, has lowered taxes, defended life and religious liberty, recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, confirmed over 200 federal judges, confirmed three Supreme Court justices, and is building the border wall, all while working for America for free. He’s also surrounded himself with pro-faith leaders.


This is a very big deal. Evangelicals see clearly that Biden cannot be trusted. And they are coming back to the fold just in time for Tuesday, November 3rd.

Stephen E. Strang is founder and CEO of Charisma Media. He is the author of “God, Trump, and COVID-19,” as well as many other books. Learn more at


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