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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

“No one is above the law.” That’s been the message from Democrats, used as a bludgeon against former President Donald Trump, in what is becoming a lazy and extremely flimsy cover for their partisan politically-motivated prosecutions of Republicans. 

You see, Democrats have no motivation for going after Trump, GOP lawmakers, originalist Supreme Court justices, or conservative parents other than upholding the rule of law, they argue. Prosecutions definitely do not have anything to do with using government power as a punishment for those who stand in the way. As such, Democrats have simply never broken the law, and any who have faced swift justice for their wrongs, they seem to assert with their claim that “no one is above the law.” But that’s just not true. 

In fact, few, if any, Democrats have been held accountable for their crimes. There are, instead, copious examples of Democrats going unpunished for their apparent or alleged criminal acts. That, of course, makes them all hypocrites and proves that their stated belief in the rule of law is just another weaponized double standard. 

Let’s start with President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. The scandal-embroiled first kid purchased a gun, and as such, would have filled out a federal background check form to purchase said firearm. But the federal background check form, among other questions, asks those buying a gun whether they are addicted to drugs. On his form, Hunter Biden answered “no.” That is, he lied on the form, given his extensively documented issues with drugs. Lying on a firearm background check form is a federal felony that carries up to ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine, penalties that seem like they ought to apply to Hunter. Yet there’s been no prosecution, and the president’s son is still free to vacation with his family and jet around on Air Force One.

Moving on, consider the multiple crimes that sure seem to have been committed by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — none of which have been prosecuted through logical acrobatics and the invention of a new legal standard just for the failed presidential candidate. Despite knowing better, Clinton kept and sent classified messages and information — labeled both “secret” and “top secret” on a private server in her residence. She sent more than 100 emails containing such classified information. Each of those private email-server email sends constituted a possible felony — carrying up to a ten-year sentence — yet there’s been no prosecution. Clinton now teaches a MasterClass on “resilience.” 

Hillary’s husband and former President Bill Clinton perjured himself for lying under oath to a grand jury as part of his messy affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. The House of Representatives impeached Clinton for perjury and obstruction of justice, though the Senate voted not to convict Clinton on either. Yet, for perjuring himself before the grand jury, there was no formal judicial prosecution, and the former president now also teaches a MasterClass on “leadership.” 

Then there’s Christine Blasey Ford, the self-proclaimed aerophobic psychology professor who accused then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her. Ford repeated her claims regarding what was “indelible in the hippocampus” about the alleged assault under oath before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee. Ford’s claims were not corroborated, and one of her friends from the time of the alleged assault would later go so far as to say, “I don’t have any confidence in [Ford’s] story.” It is, unsurprisingly, a crime to lie to Congress while under oath, yet there’s been no prosecution, and Democrats continue to repeat her unsubstantiated claims.

Those are just a few examples of Democrats who have not followed the rule of law, instead applying a two-tiered system of justice where their own are protected from scrutiny and punishment, and everyone else has the book thrown at them, no matter how tenuous allegations against them may be. 

There’s also former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who seems to have perjured himself when he allegedly lied under oath to Congress about data collection as part of domestic surveillance programs. No prosecution has yet been brought for his allegedly false statements made to Congress.

Former CIA Director John Brennan also seems to have lied to Congress while the legislative branch was investigating his agency’s use of torture and subsequent operations to spy on the Senate staffers who were investigating claims regarding CIA torture. No prosecution there, either.  

Don’t forget former Attorney General Eric Holder, who defied Congress and refused to turn over documents related to the Obama ATF’s Fast and Furious “gun-walking” program. Lawmakers voted to hold Holder in Contempt of Congress, authorizing potential criminal action against Holder, yet there were no real penalties for Holder. 

Has Andrew Cuomo faced any prosecution for his order that forced New York nursing homes to accept and house COVID-positive patients? Naturally, his death sentence for elderly nursing home residents has gone unpunished.

What do all of these Democrats have in common? They have been and probably will always be treated as though they are above the law, the same law that is used, even tenuously, against Republicans and conservatives. That reality is, of course, a violation of the rule of law.

So when Democrats try to portray themselves as serious adherents to the rule of law, know that it’s just another ploy to defend themselves against legitimate criticism and shield their blatantly partisan use of the justice system to take down their political and ideological foes.


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