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By now, everyone is aware of First Lady Jill Biden's tone-deaf speech stereotyping Hispanic Americans as "breakfast tacos" and botching her pronunciation of "bodega." It was peak Biden administration mayhem in response, similar to when Dr. Biden urged a rally crowd to join her in saying "si se puede" — pronounced see-say-pwod-way. 

The Democrats, as evidenced by Jill Biden's failed attempt at pandering and the Biden administration's failure to understand why latinos and latinas balk at being called "LatinX" by woke white liberals, have lost the plot. When Democrats aren't stereotyping and hilariously failing to message their policies beyond Mexican food-based talking points, they're completely abandoning Hispanic Americans.

As usual, the media have taken their cues from Democrats and amplified attacks on Hispanics who dare to be conservative and reject the lawless, big government policies of the left. But their mainstreaming of "latinx" to glowing profiles of Hispanic Democrats isn't the worst of their bias against Hispanic conservatives. No, they also undermine and seek to push Hispanic conservatives to the fringe of society even as they notch historic wins. 

Such is the case for Rep. Mayra Flores who defeated a Democrat in a special election for Texas' 34th Congressional District which covers a portion of the Rio Grande Valley along the U.S.-Mexico border. Flores is the first Mexican-born American woman to be elected to Congress, but there was zero pomp and circumstance from the identity politics-obsessed mainstream media or Democrats. 

That's because Flores doesn't fit in their narrow ideological homogenous box. If Flores were a radical leftist who had just become the first Mexican-born woman elected to Congress, there would have been a TIME Magazine cover, a profile in The New Yorker, and a million inane leftist think pieces about how her win was a final repudiation of Republicans' alleged xenophobia. 

But Flores debunked multiple pieces of the leftist-Democrat narrative with her win, and so the media and liberals had no choice but to make her out to be some kind of radical. Tinged with xenophobia and sexism (these are the left's rules, remember?), the attacks were reminiscent of Democrats' earlier attempts to castigate conservative Hispanic voters as too naive to recognize misinformation. 

The New York Times went after Flores — and her fellow Latina Republicans Monica De La Cruz and Cassy Garcia — in a piece on the "Rise of the Far-Right Latina" and lazily tried to tie the trailblazing conservative leaders to Qanon while accusing them of advancing supposed-conspiracies such as "Democrats took Hispanic voters for granted." 

Never mind, apparently, the fact that Democrats in the Rio Grande Valley said many of the same things following Flores' win. Her opponent's campaign manager said "the DCCC, DNC, and other associated national committees have failed at their single purpose of existence: winning elections." And Democrat Texas Rep. Vicente Gonzalez said the Democrats' congressional campaign committee "have just forgotten about the brown people on the border" and "are taking Latinos in South Texas for granted." 

In the wake of The Times' attempt to smear Flores, De La Cruz, and Garcia, CNN ran an opinion piece claiming that "[t]hese GOP Latina candidates are not the 'real deal'" whose "current prominence is more of a publicity coup for the GOP than an authentic reflection of Latino voters." But that's more wishful thinking from Democrats who, in fact, continue to take Hispanic voters for granted. 

New polling from The New York Times released Wednesday showed that Hispanic voters continue to drift away from Democrats into the GOP's waiting ranks. In fact, Democrats now for the first time have more support from college-educated whites than non-white voters. What's more, Pew Research found that a majority of Hispanic voters now disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing as president, 52 to 46 percent. 

But Flores, with the political winds at her back, in exemplifying the happy conservative warrior mindset, is dishing it right back at Democrats. 

"They've taken us for granted the entire time, and nothing that they do moving forward is going to change that — we're going to teach them a strong lesson in November," Flores said in a Wednesday appearance on Fox News. "They do not own our vote."

"They don't see us as Americans, they see us as tacos — that's exactly how they see us," Flores continued. "They only are doing this to get our vote and they think that by giving us tacos and playing Latin music, that that's all it's gonna take for us to vote for them in November," she said. "It's going to take a lot more than that."

Responding on Twitter to the CNN opinion piece about her not being "the real deal," Flores responded: "Maybe I'm not the right type of taco." 


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