The Left, Not the Tea Party, is America’s Taliban

Posted: Aug 18, 2014 12:01 AM

Ferguson Missouri. You can keep your plan and doctor. We can run a website. Trust us to spy on you. Energy, you don't need no stinking fossil energy; you can just pay twice as much for Unicorn farts. I'll go be nice in the Middle East and Russia, and they'll be nice to us in return.

If the flames at home and abroad burn Americans enough for them to stop trusting in the rule of smooth talkers, and to dismiss the flak and apologia of government's media lap dogs, and to actually think about what a world with less government control might look like, then maybe something positive can come out of these ugly, ugly days.

I have seen too many videos of cops who think they can confiscate phones or arrest people for filming them. It now goes beyond bad cops. It is incompetent or corrupt leadership.

Any police chief whose cops behave this way should be fired. It's not a difficult concept. Tell your officers that people have a right to film them. Done.

The Left and media will never forgive some conservatives/libertarians for having Obama's number from the very start and shouting loudly.

Some conservatives/libertarians will never forgive the Left and media for covering up and denying to this day what this man is and what he believes.

We elected an anti-American. Twice. The Left can't admit it or their gig is up.

Odd pet peeve: Cars that stop in parking lot drives for me to walk in front of them. I'd much rather they roll through and be gone in 1.5 seconds than hit the brakes and wait the 10 seconds it takes me to clear the distance. Think logically, people.

Not given to dwelling on celebrity lives of which I know nothing. But I'm tired of the absolutes tossed about in discussion of Robin Williams. Most want to make him a martyred saint. A few want to make him a selfish quitter. He strikes me as a sweet and giving and tormented man, but really, we all know nothing.

I've no doubt suicide can be a selfish, short-sighted act. I've also no doubt many commenters have no idea whatsoever of the invincible biological and emotional demons that can torture endlessly, without escape.

In the end, I know if we're supposed to forgive our trespassers, and judge with mercy, the least we can do is hold compassionate thoughts for someone who saw no end of pain. And we can marvel at the boundless talent that could explode like a volcano at any moment, for any reason. A streak of lightning across the brain as someone described genius. One needle-threading description of Williams' talent comes from Mike Huckabee:"How many people could both revolutionize comedy and turn in Oscar-worthy dramatic performances?"

Judgment is not ours. Compassion and appreciation can be.

There are lots of good teachers. That doesn’t solve the problem of bad teachers, unresponsive schools, and tenure.

There are lots of good cops. That doesn’t solve the problem of bad cops, a blue wall of silence, and bullets protected by the state.

When the Left compares the Tea Party to the Taliban or, more recently, to Hamas, I can only marvel at the intellectual bankruptcy of partisans who feign confusion about the difference between wanting government to be smaller and to get out of the way, and wanting the Holy State to control every detail of our lives. In reality, the Left is far closer to the Taliban and Hamas than is the Tea Party.

Waiting for a delayed flight, in possession of an aging iPhone that needs a charge every half hour. Sort of the tech equivalent of an aging gent who needs a restroom every half hour: Darn inconvenient.

How many share my suspicion the President of the United States actually wants--and is carefully inciting--the social unraveling we are seeing?

He shrewdly pours gas and lights match, just as he did in the Middle East, because he rejects the status quo as the unjust legacy of racism, imperialism, and privilege.

It's fully consistent with his pedigree.

It is time for citizens of local burgs everywhere to let their town councils know they don't want local cop forces that look like an armored Division in Iraq.

Cronyists skim their money from government programs, mandates, and rigged markets. They fleece consumers raw by the state's sword.

Competitive business people like the Kochs earn their money from willing buyers. Leftists hate that. Cronyists must be exalted. The Kochs must be destroyed. Good is evil; evil is good.

So, a D House, D Senate, and D President didn't touch "comprehensive immigration reform" when they were unstoppable.

But if an R House doesn't go along now, then obviously it's just nasty partisan politics and obstruction. # RUStoopid?