I Want a Sugar Mommy.

Posted: Jan 27, 2014 12:01 AM

Please enjoy my pithy posts from Facebook. They’re brilliant, or reasonably insightful, or at least not stupid in most cases.

If a male politician found a sugar mommy to pay his way through school, and to accept and raise his children as her own without him, he wouldn't dare make heroic single daddy-hood the centerpiece of his identity and campaign. If he tried, the media would slaughter him. If he were a Republican, anyway.

Liberals think people are too flawed to make it in life without paternalistic restraints and controls. Conservatives think people are too flawed to be trusted with paternalistic restraints and controls over other people.

Nixon wanted to use the IRS as a weapon, and failed. For that, he is reviled. Obama is successfully using every federal agency that exists as a weapon. For that, his critics are called racists.

So, reports in Colorado are, illegal weed on the street is cheaper than legal weed in the state-regulated dispensaries. If politicians can make a legal product more expensive than the banned black market product, that's a pretty good metaphor for what government does to enterprise and human exchange.

Dreams and vision mean nothing. Chutzpah and action change the world.

We are in a contest between those who believe life will be better if government controls more of our actions, and those who believe life will be better if government controls less. The less side won in 1776. But the Empire is striking back. Hard.

The PBS News Hour did a breathless story about income inequality in Orange County, California. All the starving kids it featured look obese. We better sign our life over to big government to save those starving fatties.

He didn't create jobs. He didn't end the surveillance police state. He didn't keep his promise about the health insurance I liked. He didn't expand the ranks of covered Americans. He didn't respect my constitutional rights under the 2nd Amendment, 1st, 4th, 5th, and probably others. He didn't restore America's respect in the world. He didn't repair our international alliances.
And he sure as hell didn't vindicate the Oslo worshippers who gave him the grand, global, wet kiss.

But I can't say exactly how I feel about him, because that would be racist or something. God, please deliver America from its stupidity.

Hey Republicans, Christie has a comeback plan! After school dinner for kids! If you're with this buffoon, you should rethink your philosophy.

See, liberals, I don't just believe Obama's a wrong thinking, incompetent steward of the nation's security and well-being. It's much worse. I believe he's a malicious partisan who would happily watch federal agencies harass, ruin, prosecute, and jail his critics. And you probably believe it, too.

Remember when George Bush whined that his growing opposition was due to the distortions of CBS and Huffington Post? Neither do I.

Liberals seem to believe religious freedom means nothing more than what church people say to each other in the chapel or synagogue. But if you work, if you offer goods or services to your neighbor, liberals insist you forfeit the right to live and act by your faith. You may commit commerce only on Caesar's terms
I think that's a pretty good definition of statist tyranny.

Let’s see. For opposing a new mandate requiring employers--even those with religious objections-- to pay for free birth control available for about 10 bucks a month, conservatives are accused of waging a war on women. Well, by mandating millennials to buy insurance that is overpriced by tens or hundreds of dollars a month to subsidize older and wealthier Americans, isn't Obama waging a war on young people?

Of course not. Anyway, not as long as America's corrupt Big hairs and Big pens are reporting the story.

This nation needs more jobs. This administration's policies are not inviting those jobs.
An attitude of appreciation for enterprise, instead of contempt for successful business owners, would be a grand start.

Excuse me, Mr. President. The biggest problem the poor face isn’t people richer than they are, but an economy without opportunity.

Wendy Davis shouldn’t criticize her opponent until she’s rolled a mile in his chair.

The administration is surprised most the people signing up for insurance on the exchanges were previously insured, meaning that enrollments are not denting the numbers of uninsured.
Surprised? Hey geniuses, who is most likely to hustle to the exchange and look for coverage? The people that chose not to have it before, or the 5 million Americans Obama lied to and kicked off their prior plan?

No one goes to the gym in January anymore; it's too crowded.

I think my cranky conservative friends who are mocking Colorado for taking a modest half step back from the destructive, expensive drug war are missing the point and an opportunity. We won't improve our appeal or influence by sneering at 55% of the state.

How about we recognize there might be common ground between liberty conservatives and open minded folks who distrust paternalistic, busy-body government?

Maybe we could hit them up about too much licensing and permitting? About crony schemes for connected fat cats? About energy mandates that make us poorer, green hustlers richer, and do nothing for the environment?

Or, maybe we can drive around frowning and shaking our heads. Contempt is a popular platform.