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The FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate last week shocked the nation in ways we’ve never seen in our history. Although the rhetoric from both sides has been leaning in that direction for several years, never before has one political side actually taken concrete law enforcement action fueled by what seems to be purely political motives against a leader of another side. It’s unprecedented, and reminiscent of old-school Soviet tactics that would seem better at home in communist China or a tin-pot third world “republic.”


Like the precedent set by old Soviet NKVD chief Lavrentiy Beria (“Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”), this clearly seems to be an investigation in search of a crime, a tactic that, until recent times, has been anathema to every value we hold as Americans.

We’re told the raid resulted from an impasse between the Trump team and the National Archives over the purported removal of classified documents, even though the president himself supposedly has full power to determine what is classified and what isn’t. So, given that the established reason is clearly based on a false premise, how could this be anything else but a fishing expedition? 

Key is the fact that the FBI now has in its hands thousands upon thousands of documents it can now rifle through at the leisure of anti-Trump agents just itching to find something to stick on the former president. Sure, on the surface they’ll be looking for “classified” documents, apparently, but if you think as they’re looking through documents they won’t be looking for “crimes” too, you were probably born yesterday.

So obviously, there’s more to what we’ve been told. As agents rifle through these documents, they’ll clearly be looking for a violation of the thousands upon thousands of pages of federal laws that no single individual or even legal team can possibly keep up and comply with. It’s been written that all of us are in violation of some sort of law that would make us a felon if the right person found the right piece of evidence at the wrong time. Millions probably break laws every day without even knowing it or intending to do so. Such are the consequences of a system that churns out more laws than anyone can keep up with, then selectively enforces those laws on the political enemies of those in power. 


As such, any significant businessperson, particularly any billionaire, is bound to be ‘guilty’ of ‘something.’ Do I think agents in Florida or New York or any of the countless other place they are investigating Donald Trump are bound to find something he is ‘guilty’ of doing if they only look hard enough? I’d say the odds favor exactly that. 

Of course, there is also the possibility that the regime intends to use those documents, not necessarily as a means to actually prosecute Trump and obtain a conviction, but as a way to ‘drip drip drip’ controversies through any potential Trump 2024 campaign. It really depends on if the strategy is to pin the ex-president with a felony to keep him from being able to run altogether or to permanently wound him so he has a difficult chance against the Democratic nominee.

We may not know what their intentions are yet, but two things are certain: Democrats don’t give two craps about the ‘rule of law,’ and they intend to remain in power at all costs. That means defeating whoever the GOP nominates for 2024, be it Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, or anyone else, by any means necessary. And the FBI, as a Regime apparatchik, is doubtless fully on board to play ball.


If there is no criminal indictment against Trump, it could be precisely because Democrats WANT to face him in 2024. Even if it means he possibly could win, they likely believe their chances are better than they would be against someone - like DeSantis - with Trump’s policies but far less baggage. If Democrats wanted to ensure that the former president receives the GOP nomination but is harmed in a general election, raiding his house, but not delivering an actual indictment, could be the way to go. On the other hand, if they are terrified of even the slimmest chance of a Trump general election victory and see it as far worse than any other GOP candidate winning, they could look to permanently end his chances.

I’ve written before that I think Trump should step down for a younger, more viable candidate with fewer negatives. He’s done amazing things for this country and he deserves a happy retirement and to be left alone. Like it or not, this action by the Justice Department makes that possibility far less likely. So unless they go after and get some sort of felony conviction, expect another Trump run. Where things go from there it’s impossible to predict, but one thing is for certain - it won’t be boring!

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