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When it comes to the “facts” you receive about coronavirus from the left and the mainstream media, the only thing that’s certain is the fact that we’re all being gaslit. With the current casedemic continuing at an unabated, albeit slightly decreased pace, the LARPing media, in a desperate attempt to keep life as abnormal as possible until the election, continues to pretend like it’s still April and all of America is New York City. We’re told 1,000+ a day are dying, but we have no idea if it’s coronavirus that’s actually killing them or they’re just dying WITH coronavirus in their system of old-age or whatever comorbidity they had. Meanwhile, America masks-up like it’s 1918, pretending ill-fitting, moist, bacteria and virus-laden cloth muzzles are somehow going to abate the spread of a virus that’s harmless or super-mild to the vast majority of those who contract it.


The masks, of course, continue to be a source of heated debate. Granted, I’ve been focusing on them a lot in my latest columns and social media posts. People sometimes ask me why. Sure, I hate wearing the damned things. I would imagine most people do, except probably leftists who get some sick pleasure out forcing their will on everyone else. They’re hot, constricting, and sap the fun and the life out of most anything done while they’re on, but since when have leftists ever enjoyed life? 

Therefore, since they’re basically useless, potentially harmful, and presumably “guard” against something that isn’t worth stopping anyway even if they worked, I avoid them wherever possible. But even more importantly, I hate the deception they represent and the tyranny they foreshadow. The deception, because this pandemic really ended in May, yet society is continuing like nothing ever changed, and the tyranny because mask mandates represent the camel’s hump in the proverbial tent. If they can force us to do something this stupid, useless, and constricting (remember, some states require masks OUTSIDE in any public area and punish those who disobey with fines) in the name of “public health,” what CAN’T they make us do? What happens if Democrats win and decide to declare “climate change” a “public health emergency”?


And of course, they do all of it with precious little evidence that could even pass to any vague degree as “scientific,” all the while ignoring the long-standing evidence and common sense against masking the general public, evidence that our medical masters actually cited at the beginning of this pandemic as reasons for the public to NOT use masks. Sure, they pretend now that they were lying to us the whole time so front-line workers could get first dibs, or something, but that’s complete nonsense. What, did the nation have a shortage of bandanas and T-shirt material? Any old cloth will do, right? (Well, except for neck gaiters now, apparently. Yet, the fact that they’ll still get you into most any store is just another way to highlight the peak absurdity of it all).

Consider: The below notes about mask-wearing are from the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and were published in late-May. Yeah, I know the “science” is supposed to have undergone a seismic shift of astronomical proportions from April to July, but I’d love to hear the mask cultists explain how anything about "muh droplets" changes any aspect of the concerns listed below?

The BMJ highlighted “two side effects of wearing face masks in public.” These include the following:

One: “Wearing a mask may give a false sense of security and make people adopt a reduction in compliance with other important infection control measures.”


So, I guess human nature has magically changed in the intervening months since when COVID was a real pandemic and now, right? Compare your experience in a grocery store in April to now. Then, everyone was super-careful to keep a fair amount of distance. Now, with the masks providing the “magic” barrier, it seems like people don’t pay nearly as much attention to spacing. It stands to reason. Since most people think masks work, why would they?

Two: “People must avoid touching their masks and adopt other management measures, otherwise masks are counterproductive.”

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, touches their mask many times throughout the day. Does everyone wash their hands every time they touch their mask? Do they avoid touching other things after they touch their mask, such as doorknobs or even their own eyes? Do they change them out every few hours? Are surfaces that the filthy masks touch decontaminated? Are masks treated as the biohazards they are? The answer to all of those questions is a terse, “Of course not!”

The BMJ lists another “potential side effect” as: “The quality and volume of speech between people wearing masks is considerably compromised and they may unconsciously come closer.”

Is this observation suddenly rendered false by the ongoing masking cult? Did the COVID-gods somehow decide to gift the general public with superhero hearing for the duration of this insanity?


Other BMJ observations that are apparently supposed to be now untrue in the light of accepted COVID dogma include making breathing more difficult, exhaled air going into the eyes and causing “an impulse” to touch them and infect yourself, and this gem:

“Moreover, a fraction of carbon dioxide previously exhaled is inhaled at each respiratory cycle. Those phenomena increase breathing frequency and deepness, and they may worsen the burden of covid-19 if infected people wearing masks spread more contaminated air. This may also worsen the clinical condition of infected people if the enhanced breathing pushes the viral load down into their lungs.”

Given all the above and more, it’s no wonder that mask requirements seem to have very little to do with whether the virus continues to spread unabated. As we’ve seen time after time, the virus is going to virus until it’s finished virusing. Thankfully, this seems to be reached at around 15 to 25 percent seroprevalence, at which point T cells and B cells combine to offer a degree of herd immunity that limits spread. This has been and will continue to be played out in area after area. The longer our masters continue to ignore this basic science and common sense, the longer we will be plagued by the ridiculous corona fascism we’re currently living under. It’s well past time to end the insanity and get back to normal. Not a new normal. Not an adjusted normal. NORMAL!


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