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Why a Solution Will Destroy the Democratic Party

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We have problems in America. The most obvious is a busted budget, an overtaxed citizenry (at least for the 53% who pay into the system), another push on gun control, a broken immigration system, a socialist healthcare model and gay marriage rights. The litany of challenges we face goes on. They plague our political discourse with negativity and dissension.


This in a country that can find cures for certain cancers, use technology to discover new galaxies, and perhaps most stunning to this parent, a country that create devices that can hold my children’s attention for more than an hour. And yet why can’t we find a solution to these never ending arguments?

It’s simple, really. Those on the left don’t want America to find a solution! They thrive and survive on the concept of making sure there will always be a victim.

A solution would bring peace. A solution would bring harmony. A solution would also be devastating to the Democratic Party, which thrives on misery and conflict.

Take immigration. The left loves to reignite the immigration debate, if for no other reason than they practically hear the 12 million illegals registering as Democrats every time they hurl around the word “amnesty.” Then they try and invoke sadness by telling stories of families ripped apart by our border, unable to celebrate holidays together because anchor provisions don’t exist. Last, they appeal to our ego by saying American citizens don’t want to do the work these migrant workers perform.

The Republicans play into their trap by offering half-measure solutions and “compromises” which cause major splintering within our own party. Great Tea Party supporters like Sen. Marco Rubio are instantly demonized despite their almost perfect Conservative track record except in this issue.


The truth is the main reason why immigrants aren't going home is because of legislation like this. We are incentivizing people to break the law, just like the 1986 immigration "reform" bill did.

I have sympathy for those who want to become Americans, and those who are here. But I also have sympathy for the hundreds of thousands around the world who want to come here legally. They wait for hours at consulates, go through lotteries, and sometimes that takes years. Why should they go to the back of the line?

Imagine someone breaks into your home and then the police show up and say they can stay because they can't do anything about. Is that going to encourage criminals or discourage them? If we're not a nation of law and order and process than we're not really a nation. It's said the reason we need to pass this law is because we are ineffective at enforcing our existing laws. That's a sad commentary on America.

Gun control is one issue that should unify the Republican base. The other side’s playbook is as tired as it is predictable. There is the constant grandstanding with victim’s family members of mass shootings. What we have yet to see is any press conference held on an inner city street corner with gang members vowing to turn in their handguns.

The playbook also requires trotting out easily punctured myths. Take for example the gun show loophole.” A Bureau of Justice Statistics report on “Firearms Use by Offenders” found that fewer than 1% of U.S. “crime guns” came from gun shows, with repeat offenders even less likely than first-timers to buy guns from any retail source. Gun shows are touted by the left (and right) as a problem- but they’re not.


Pro-gun legislators often will say they’re not looking to ban private sales; they just want background checks to occur. But again, how can a sale be a private sale if it must first be run through a federal agency? But more pressing than any other question, how can ANY of these measures would have or could have stopped Sandy Hook? The gun used was grandfathered in and exempt from an “assault weapons” ban that had been in place in Connecticut since 1994, the mother was allowed to have it. Days before the killing, the shooter went to a Dick’s Sporting Goods to buy a rifle and was denied- the current system worked. He went home, killed his mother and used her gun.

No matter what happens, the left will continue to paint conservatives as bloodthirsty and heartless. The ironic part is that we hear silence from the left when the issue of killing unborn children is raised. Only through the intrepid efforts of a few citizen journalists on the right did Americans ever hear the name Kermit Gosnell.

What would the left do if Republicans proposed a series of bills that gave them everything they have been wishing for yet because the Republicans proposed it, we would get all the credit with the different demographic groups? Would the left fight us as we gave them back a taste of their own medicine, as the Democratic Party would be in certain chaos? I predict we would see that exact same problem occur on the left that is now happening on the right. Infighting, division, demonization, and ultimately implosion would eventually occur, as the Democratic Party would not be able to exist without the concept of a victim. The only problem would be that if we accepted the complete liberal agenda as they propose, America as we know it today would be the ultimate victim.


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