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This is not about the 1960’s book Silent Spring, written by the environmentalist Rachael Carson.  It is about the 1960’s people who read the book and who fought against the pesticides released in the environment about which Carson  wrote.  Now known as the Baby Boomers, they went on to fight against civil rights injustice and fight against the Viet Nam war.  


It is about a group of people who read Hegel and Marx.  

They were misguided but willing, in their youthful idealism, to stand up and protest the perceived wrongs they saw occurring in their country and their culture. They became the teachers and Professors in our Universities.  They trained and taught the next generation of Americans, who are the Obama voters today. Looking back now it is apparent that the push towards Socialism which drove this 60’s revolution, was actually the sword of Damocles which Barak Obama has used skillfully to destroy this country.  It is from these people, the Boomers, whose head the sword hangs over, that a silent scream can be heard.

What will this people, the Baby Boomers reap?  They will reap the whirlwind.  

Not only is the Boomer generation suffering because of their Marxist ideologies but they are suffering at the hands of their offspring.  The socialist push, so pervasive in the Obama administration, has fallen on complacent if not compliant ears.  These are the Americans, in their twenties and thirties that have been nursed on the tit of Karl Marx.  They have very little knowledge of history and very little patriotism.  They are the New World Order socialist global citizens.


As a reaction to this, Americans en masse are leaving this country to become part of the growing expatiate population.  They are leaving because this country has become foreign to the traditional values and culture American life encapsulated.  What started in the 60’s as a protest has now become a way of life by at least half of the country.  Easy/ breezy at the government’s expense, is the new lifestyle. The trade off, for real Americans is too uncomfortable to walk out.  So walk out, is what thousands of Americans are choosing to do.  Everyday, ordinary people, middle class families are leaving the United States.

From where my parents live in Middle Tennessee they can throw a stone and hit six to eight families that have left the United States, or are in the process of leaving to go to Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Belize.  When you ask them what their primary motivation is to leave this country, they will tell you Freedom.  You see, Americans love their Freedom.  It is our flagpole from which we fly the American flag.  

The flag that the President won’t wear in his lapel or salute.   Real Americans become claustrophobic when we perceive our freedom is limited in our vast Constitutional boundaries.  When I go to the airport and my four year old daughter is patted down and touched by a stranger, her freedom is violated.  When my speech is censured or restricted, then my freedom is violated.  When my husband could be put on some kind of list because he owns a firearm, his freedom is violated.  


When my grandmother has a death panel decide, because of her age, she cannot have a treatment or procedure that might give her a little more time of her precious life, then her freedom is violated. Everyday American’s freedoms are being violated in thousands of ways.  Americans are tired of it and are leaving.

My heart is deeply saddened right now as I watch an elderly couple that I have known and loved since I was a child.  They are in their 70’s and are the pillars of society.  People who are the backbone of this great country.  They are selling their furniture, family heirlooms, jewelry and condensing their 70 some years of life, down to ten boxes and two suitcases.  

They have health issues.  They are on a limited social security. They can no longer afford to live in this country.  They have no options but to leave and will be moving to Ecuador.  They will be leaving behind, children, grandchildren and everyone they know and love.  They are going off by themselves to a foreign country.  

These people had fathers, grandfathers and family fight in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Viet Nam. The husband is a Vanderbilt graduate and served his time in the Navy during the Viet Nam war.    All the men in this solid American family fought for their descendents future freedom.  How these men would grieve to see this day that one of their own has to leave this country.  They would have never believed that Americans would have become so complacent as to allow our basic Constitutional freedoms to become disregarded without a fight.  It’s a silent scream from the graves of these brave ancestors that will become louder and louder, as the expatriate movement grows.  


God help us.

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