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Planned Parenthood: Delusional. No Matter What.

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I remember back in the mid 90s, Sears launched a new campaign: “Come see the softer side of Sears.” Over the past year, Planned Parenthood has been trying that approach with a twist—a potent mix of deception and delusion. 


They want the public to believe that they “care, no matter what.” It’s their slogan. And they’ve got to convey it in a way that describes who they are without actually describing who they are. 

So a newly uploaded ad on Planned Propaganda’s YouTube channel, “We Are Planned Parenthood” has to have even pro-abortion activists scratching their heads. The still image featured for the video shows a happy smiling young woman holding a baby girl and a 4- or 5-year old boy who is shaking the hand of a Planned Parenthood staff member. Ahhhh, the warm inviting atmosphere of a Planned Parenthood office where children—no matter their age—are always welcome! Actually, they’re not. Planned Parenthood requests on its website: “Please do not bring children with you to the health center.” It also states: "We do not provide childcare services. We request that you please make childcare arrangements."

Well, every pregnant woman going into Planned Parenthood is bringing a child with her, but we understand that a business that kills for a living doesn’t recognize the humanity of the unborn. So, for the born ones, the abortion chain doesn’t want ‘em in their centers…just in an ad misportraying their abortion mills. 

Pregnancy care centers will always welcome children, born and unborn. They always have an open door policy. Every child and mother, unlike at Planned Parenthood abortion centers, will actually leave a pregnancy resource center alive. 

Back to that feel-good ad. It starts off with a female voiceover claiming: “These are the doors to Planned Parenthood. What we do isn’t a secret.” Well, except for the fact that Planned Parenthood has never, and will never, show you what an actual abortion is as you can see here, here, and here. (Warning: these gruesome images don’t have the Planned Parenthood cutesy pink makeover.) They also didn’t let the public know, willingly, that their Senior Director of Medical Services (Deborah Nucatola) was adjusting the way she would abort an “unwanted” child in order to protect those wanted saleable parts.


At a high school assembly I recently keynoted, a student tried to convince me that those Center for Medical Progress undercover videos were “doctored” and “debunked”.  An independent audit from a cybersecurity firm, CoalFire, confirmed there was no doctoring of any kind and “no evidence of misrepresentative editing.” (You mustsee, however, the ridiculous things that the audit did find. They’re hilarious. Thanks, Mollie Hemingway.)

Not-so-kid-friendly Planned Parenthood seems to be on the verge of phasing out prenatal care. It’s plummeted so much in the past five years, it’s nearly non-existent. If abortion is only three percent of Planned Parenthood’s “services” (which, of course is a big fat lie that we expose here) that means they provide 10,799,967 “services”. According to their latest annual report, they only provided 17,419 prenatal services in 2014-2015. That’s less than 0.2 percent of their services. Pediatric services? Zero percent. 

Yet something bizarre happens at the end of the video. While the voiceover dishonestly claims, “...and Planned Parenthood takes care of all of us,” an image of a (possibly) 2-year old child is featured. Obviously, the billion-dollar abortion giant has a wholedifferent concept of what “taking care of” means. In one year they took care of 323,999 human beings by killing them in the womb. Perhaps that last line in the ad had a mobster connotation. Uh, yeah. We’ll take care of ya! Capisce?

Planned Parenthood is a corrupt business that syphons over $550 million taxpayer dollars annually to treat us like a bunch of fools. The organization serves less than 0.8 percent of the American population yet tries to con us 100 percent of the time. For the love, CVS Minute Clinics offer 10 times more healthcare than Planned Parenthood. They can be defunded and replaced. There are already 13,000 other taxpayer-funded medical facilities that provide comprehensive healthcare (minus the violence of abortion) for women, men and children, regardless of ability to pay (see 


No, Planned Parenthood, you don’t (intentionally) deliver babies (alive). No, Planned Parenthood, you don’t provide healthcare to born children. No, Planned Parenthood, you don’t “take care of all of us”. 

Planned Parenthood. Delusional. No Matter What. 

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