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It’s easy to be corrupt when you kill for a living. Does anyone really expect the nation’s largest abortion and baby-parts-trafficking chain to be honest about its numbers? They abort and distort every single day.


They receive half a billion hard-earned tax dollars annually with zero government oversight. It’s why they’ve been able to say and do anything they want with impunity.

Those days are over. We don’t need to beg mainstream media to do what it’s supposed to do. Americans have been betrayed way too many times by overpaid fabricators. The MSM doesn’t want to tell the truth, so we’ll do it for them.

Three percent. Killing innocent human lives (ahem, abortion) is only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s so-called services. Imagine Citibank saying, “Well, you know, we only kill human beings 3% of the time, but the rest of what we do is great.” Even the KKK runs food drives, people. Perhaps lynching was only 3% of what they did, but darn it, they spent a lot of time community building! I mean, what if 3% of your Frappuccino beverage was tainted with toxic sewage? Pro-abortion Starbucks could protest: “Hey, it’s only 3%!”

Planned Parenthood’s big fat 3% lie (see the full-size infographic here) is a PR buzz phrase and nothing more. This same BS (baseless stuff) was claimed in a July 1995 New York Times Op-Ed by a Planned Parenthood Board member, Todd Turrentine, who tried to defend the abortion giant. So, in twenty years, nothing has changed. Still. Just. Three Percent.


In the early 90s, Planned Parenthood was experiencing a dire situation. According to the Harvard Business Review, the abortion business was flatlining in revenue and their profit margin was declining. Why? Because abortions, nationwide, were declining. Pro-life advances, legally and educationally, were making powerful progress. Since Planned Parenthood couldn’t generate the revenue like most other businesses (which don’t kill those who pass through their doors), they would con the American taxpayer into providing their life-support. In 1993, Planned Parenthood swiped $59.4 million of our tax-dollars. Flash forward twenty years later, and we see a billion-dollar abortion empire stripping taxpayers of $528.4 million in FY 2013. That’s a nine-fold increase.Right.

In that same period, Planned Parenthood went from committing 134,277 abortions (out of 1,495,000 nationwide) to 327,653 abortions (out of 1,000,000 nationwide). That’s a drastic increase from 9% of the abortion market to 32.7% in twenty years. Total U.S. abortions have declined ever since 1993, but Planned Parenthood has only grown in its dominance. It’s why Cate Dyer, Stem Express CEO, confirmed in the latest Center for Medical Progress video what prolife advocates have known all along: “Planned Parenthood has volume. They’re a volume institution.” When it comes to abortion, Planned Parenthood simply wants to pump up the volume (you must see the latest Radiance video showing a tragic twist on a legendary pop song)!


Planned Parenthood’s clientele base, reportedly 2.4 million in FY 1993, increased only 16.6% to 2.8 million in FY 2013. The abortion chain often claims it is the only source of “medical care” for many women. Lie. Even if every single one of their (alleged) 2.8 million patients were women, Planned Parenthood would still only be serving 2.1% of the female population (15 years and older). That’s 0.8% of the U.S. population.

Simply put, unlike human lives, Planned Parenthood is replaceable.

In fact, there are 9,170 Federally Qualified Health Centers across the country that provide all the realreproductive health care that Planned Parenthood does (minus abortions, of course) as well as comprehensive general health care (which Planned Parenthood claims to but does not provide). Literally, CVS Minute Clinics offer far more health care than Planned Parenthood does. Defunding the abortion chain would just simply allow the American taxpayer to stop funding corruption and, possibly, reallocate that half billion to non-political, real medical centers. Planned Parenthood is not the savior of women, of the black community or of the poor. Saviors don’t have to lie, cheat, steal and kill to show they “care” about people.

According to the federal, non-partisan General Accounting Office, 79% of Planned Parenthood’s customer base is predominantly comprised of low-income individuals who are at or below 150% of the federal poverty level. (Which makes it even more ironic that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services threatened states moving to defund Planned Parenthood since the abortion chain has defrauded Medicaid in numerous states.) So, when it comes to Big Abortion’s services, the only one that isn’t either mostly or fully reimbursed by state/federal Medicaid programs is…abortion. This is why Planned Parenthood is so desperate to eliminate the Hyde Amendment, which bans taxpayer dollars to be used to fund abortions (except in cases of rape, incest or life of the mother). I was one of those heart cases, by the way.


Planned Parenthood CEO, Cecile Richards, has been whining about the latest effort to expose her billion-dollar conglomerate. She has used her mainstream media allies (which means every single broadcast/cable news network other than Fox News) to cast herself and her far-left-wing organization as victims of “political attacks”. Planned Parenthood is nothing but political. Richards proudly declared: “We aim to be the largest kick-butt political organization” in a 2008 New York Times article, “Liberals Aim to Win”.

It would be interesting to know how many hours per week Richards and PPFA executives spend lobbying and engaging in the political. Let me guess…three percent?

In the end, Americans are daily being fed Planned Parenthood’s toxic propaganda. For an organization that claims they only abort 3% of the time, they spend 100% of their time trying to con the public. Whether it’s citizen journalists, post-abortive women and men, adoptees spared from abortion, sidewalk counselors, pregnancy centers, legislators, prolife legal architects, pastors, or the latest Center for Medical Progress videos, Richards and her cohorts fear having that pink “Stand with Planned Parenthood” veneer stripped away to reveal the Gosnell-like putridity that lies beneath.



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