Don't Shut Down The Government: Quarantine It!

Posted: Sep 26, 2013 12:01 AM

I can't remember ever feeling as hopeless and sad about our government and it
certainly doesn't feel good. The last time I felt this hopeless is when I started furnishing
my first house.

Everything I bought had a reasonable payment and I was able to furnish
the house and get the appropriate appliances all with reasonable payments. It all seemed great until the first month came to make the "reasonable" payments and that''s when I learned they were reasonable standing alone, but not together. I was short about 1/2 of the needed income.

I dug a hole that took me several years to see the ground again.

Do the powers that be ever add up the reasonable expenditures they created and see
how it looks against the income of this country?. No they do not add it together because
they don't seem to really care how big the deficit because all the causes they spend money on are absolutely needed and wonderful.

I am not the smartest man in the world but I guarantee you that I could go through
the entire federal budget in a matter of months and create an annual budget with a surplus. The dangers in my doing this is that programs that are now useless, even if they served a purpose before, and people who accomplish nothing can do that at home without pay and the programs could be scrapped without danger.

The government never has to worry about money because they have ours! They only need to pass a few laws or initiate new taxes or raise the old ones and voila, they have
money. And how they can spend it! It is reported, but not verified that the former women speaker of the house puts bottles of water on her expense account. We know everybody in the capital gets a free time at the barber shop or beauty parlor and guess
who gets the "haircut"?

What about policing the policies that have been passed to be sure they aren't misused? Absolutely not, because that costs precious dollars that must be spent
for the important programs. The powers that be in England use to feel that way also.
They had about 20 million people on disability who were collecting checks. They announced that everyone had to be examined to continue receiving the money and about 1/3 of the disabled were instantly cured. Miracles do happen, but sometimes you
need to help them along. Could we figure that out?

As usual I could go on forever but we all have better things to do than rehash the
malfeasance of the current government. However, there are several things I must point out: punishment for the Benghazi debacle and the IRS employees union request.
The person in charge of setting up the penalties for those who apparently made a few
mistakes that caused the death of 4 people stated he absolutely assigned the proper
blame and the punishment, another government job in another department. That's heavy!
The IRS employee union has asked for a waiver from Obamacare. By the way while they won't be forced to have it they will be the entity enforcing us peons to
join or pay a fine! That won't be easy to swallow!

When it comes right down to it the real toxic point is those in power believe they
are royalty and we encourage it by remaining silent. It isn't okay for the President to
go play golf with Tiger Woods if we have to pay. It isn't alright for my former Congressman to have taken 162 junkets around the world while representing West Los Angeles.

For what he accomplished one would have been enough. It is an affront to
have a former disgraced governor and a former disgraced congressman run for public office again as if their actions were just a thing of the past. At least the public reacted the right way and neither succeeded. Maybe now they realize what they did wasn't okay.
Although so many of our elected officials act like they are in a fraternity or sorority they aren't and they are an embarrassment to our Country.

I hope we can make it known that their actions make them one and done. It is time for our Country to start respecting itself again.