Eight Young Men Make Me Glad I'm Getting Old

Posted: Sep 18, 2013 12:01 AM

While trying to relax after a long day at work I heard the most startling announcement on the news: it is time to try out for the Rose Queen in Pasadena. There were approximately 100 girls and 8 young men who are trying out. Really! Is there nothing sacred in this P.C. society? Since I was a young man I have always looked forward to see who will be chosen the Rose Queen as I appreciate a beautiful lady in a lovely gown. If I wanted to see a young man in a gown I could go to the Gay Parade in San Francisco, not breathlessly await the awesome sight of a young woman in a gown only to look out & find that it is a man.

At the coin toss later that day in the Rose Bowl should I expect to see a woman in a football uniform ready to yell heads or tails? What is it that the PC crowd wants? Until men can give birth to a baby we are forced to recognize two sexes: male and female. And being it takes two to tango and have an offspring, and one has to be of each sex there is nothing PC about the PC crowd.

There are so many areas where the country needs help and we have to worry about a man being the Rose Queen. Just because we have a number of people in Washington playing roles that they are obviously not suited for doesn't mean we have to turn the world upside down to be fair to all the "kooks". Men can be fathers, while women can be mothers. That is the way the Good Lord designed it, period.

Meanwhile nobody seems to care that the President likes working on a continuing resolution instead of an actual budget because he can't send a balanced budget to Congress. He likes to play as if he is really managing the country and its economy, which of course he isn't. As far as he is concerned all of his leadership is in his speeches which are written by somebody else.

In as much as the President isn't worried about our economy you had better start worrying about your particular situation. This is not the time to carry a lot of debt, and if you do and own a house with some equity it is time to roll the debt into the house by refinancing the current home loan. There are many advantages to this idea. The one that I feel is the best is when you cut the length of time you are amortizing your mortgage. By not paying the higher, nontax deductible interest which you are carrying and rolling it into a new, larger first mortgage you most likely will be able to afford a shorter term mortgage.

More to follow on ways to improve your personal finances. Stay tuned.