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Apparently, according to the compliant, statist left, objecting to the politicization of science now constitutes—wait for it—politicizing science.

That should come as no surprise. For months, the COVID fascists have been labeling those of us who are skeptical of unconstitutional lockdowns and mask mandates as “science deniers.” Which just goes to show how confident they are in their position. Nothing screams “weak argument” like name-calling. 


But to say that we skeptics deny science is false. We’re just not buying the self-styled elite’s self-serving, often anti-scientific spin on “the science.”  

Why not? Let’s count the reasons: 

Contradictions. First, we were told the coronavirus was not a major threat. Then we were told it was. Our medical masters admitted masks don’t do anything, then demanded we all wear them.  

Meanwhile, the WHO (World Health Organization, not to be confused with the British rockers, who probably know a lot more about actual science) was all for lockdowns—right up until they acknowledged that lockdowns probably do more harm than good

I know this is a fluid situation, but come on, man. It’s hard for us to be on your side when you don’t even seem to know which side that is. 

Hypocrisy. Actually, we do know which side the elites are on: their own. That’s evident when they exhibit such stunning hypocrisy as not wearing masks, after telling us to wear masks, any time they think the cameras aren’t on them—at a ball game, for instance. Or backstage before a press conference.  


Besides that, they’re apparently allowed to do things the hoi-polloi can’t or supposedly shouldn’t do: get their hair done at a salon, shop at a boutique, eat indoors, throw big parties, enjoy the holidays with their families. Think maybe they know something they’re keeping from the rest of us?  

Double standards. When it came to a certain drug, which I won’t name lest I be canceled, we were told the “gold standard” was randomized clinical trials (RCTs). The lived experiences of hundreds of front-line doctors? That was merely “anecdotal evidence.” 

With masks, though, anecdotal evidence was just fine, as were silly, non-scientific TV “experiments” performed by non-scientists. Perhaps that’s because virtually every RCT prior to 2020 questioned their effectiveness against respiratory viruses. So, for that matter, did the only post-COVID RCT.  

Pro tip: Focusing only on evidence that seems to support your hypothesis, while ignoring or suppressing evidence that contradicts it, isn’t #science. It’s politics.  

Politicization. Which brings me to my last point: Accusing skeptics of politicizing COVID is laughable. Everything about the ruling class’s response to the virus, from absurd edicts to the way deaths are counted, is so transparently political it makes climate alarmism seem almost legit by comparison (but not quite).  


Remember, politics is all about feathering your own nest at the expense, if necessary, of everyone else. Looking at who benefits from these policies—elected officials, unelected bureaucrats, so-called experts—and who is losing their livelihoods should tell you everything you need to know about the politics involved. 

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