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The Democrats’ Dumpster Fire

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Remember that giant gavel that Nancy Pelosi carried in triumph across Capitol Hill after the House voted for Obamacare in 2010?  

You know, the one that looked like a croquet mallet? 


During the State of the Union address last week, she looked bereft without it as she chewed her lip, gauging the distance between her and Mr. Trump.  It would have been so quick and easy. And who could have blamed her? Certainly none in the media. They would instantly have discovered all sorts of mitigating circumstances.

But, not having her mallet handy, she settled for ripping up her copy of his speech. 

As political theater, it was enough to impress the “Squad,” who attended the event in their white uniforms along with other progressive women congresspersons.  Their ringleader, New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, famed for her anti-cow, socialist Green New Deal, was a no-show. 

Why they chose white is a mystery, unless they were 1) trying to convey virginal innocence to contrast with Mr. Trump’s famous coarseness, or 2) they were mimicking the real heroines of Cuba’s Ladies in White who resist the island’s communist regime (no, they’d be for Castro), or 3) they’re all racists. 

In any case, rumors are floating about a second impeachment attempt, based on “new” evidence uncovered by the Democrats’ ongoing mugging of the Trump Administration. 

You can say this about them; they’re like a Rottweiler with a bone, even when they’ve got nothing.  Who else could have dragged out the Russian collusion fiasco for nearly three years? The real scandal is the politicized FBI’s lying by omission to the FISA court so they could spy on the Trump campaign in 2016.  Shouldn’t that be actionable?


Likewise, the Dems still deny that the Russian collusion investigation was centered on the discredited Steele “dossier” full of racy stories about Mr. Trump.  Never mind the official confirmation that it was the linchpin of the probe and was concocted by Russian agents and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.  No scandal here.

They went bat crazy over the phone call to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky because Mr. Trump mentioned the Bidens. So, they impeached Mr. Trump, hoping that this would satisfy the rabid leftwing that is eating its host body.  

Meanwhile, they’re still ignoring Joe Biden’s strong-arming Ukraine, withholding $1 billion in aid to get a prosecutor fired in 2016, and then actually boasting about it on camera.  That prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, filed an affidavit saying he was dismissed for probing the gas company Burisma Holdings, on whose board Hunter Biden racked up more than $80,000 a month for apparently being the son of Joe, who was Obama’s point man on Ukraine.   Yawn, say the media. 

What about the $3 million transferred since 2014 from Burisma to Hunter Biden’s investment firm, as author Peter Schweizer has chronicled from court records?  Yawn, say the media.  For daring to ask about it, Trump is the villain.

Amid all this, the party that wants total control of our healthcare is still reeling from their Iowa caucus disaster. Newcomer candidate billionaire Mike Bloomberg, who wants to buy his way into the White House, has unveiled a bold plan to force taxpayers to fund sex-change operations.  Not making this up. Really. 


The best defense is a good offense, so Democrats are rattling their sabers again, not only threatening more impeachment nonsense but even revisiting the Brett Kavanaugh smear-a-thon. 

That’s right.  House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), a key figure in the impeachment fiasco, told an oversight hearing with FBI Director Christopher Wray on Feb. 5 that he wanted him to “provide the American public with an explanation for the Bureau’s role in Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.”

For those living in a cave, that was the circus-like hearing in October 2018 featuring feminists wearing Red Riding Hood cloaks inspired by the anti-Christian, Hulu miniseries “The Handmaid’s Tale.”  A leftwing professor and other women accused Mr. Kavanaugh of sexual assaults, and Sen. Cory Booker proclaimed himself “Spartacus.” Mr. Kavanaugh was confirmed by a 50-48 Senate vote.

Mr. Nadler reassured everyone that the Kavanaugh probe would not be resumed:  "To be clear, I have no intention of re-litigating the confirmation process here.”

That should be a relief to the women who later admitting lying about Mr. Kavanaugh. When are they going to be hauled in and charged with defamation and making false statements?

The top finishers in the first two Democratic presidential primaries are an aging communist posing as a less scary Democratic Socialist, and a 38-year-old former mayor of South Bend, Indiana who has alienated the black community, advocates packing the Supreme Court and abolishing the Electoral College, and wants to put a “first gentleman” in the White House.  And there’s “electable” Joe Biden, who has yet to win a single delegate, Elizabeth “Native American” Warren and “moderate” Amy Klobuchar, who wants free health care for illegal aliens, plus the whole abortion-LGBTQ agenda. 


President Trump’s approval ratings have soared and a reported 1,000 Republicans are running to take back the House from Nancy’s party. 

I don’t think “dumpster fire” cuts it for describing what’s happening with the Democrats.  How about a nuclear meltdown?

Still, the GOP needs to avoid the schadenfreude-fueled temptation of complacency – it has cost them dearly before.

Robert Knight is a Townhall contributor.    

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