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As Progressives Move Left, They Must Replace the American Electorate

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The progressive game plan to re-acquire power in Washington and make it permanent has been shockingly obvious for some time: 

Import millions of illegal immigrants, hook them on government aid, and turn them into voters – legally or illegally.

Two Democrats running for Congress in Texas have come out for decriminalizing illegal immigration, along with Beta O’Rourke, who is running for Ted Cruz’s U.S. Senate seat.  Virtually all Democrat office holders oppose voter ID laws. 

In March, Nation magazine writer Sean McElwee called for abolishing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), a demand repeated by progressives around the country.  

The Washington Post has editorialized against adding a question about citizenship to the U.S. Census, saying it looks “suspiciously like an underhanded way to depress Democratic representation in Washington.”  Districts with high numbers of illegal aliens who cannot legally vote have an advantage because the Census determines congressional seats and presidential electors based on population.  So, the more illegals, the merrier for Democrats.

The Dems must replace the American electorate because their plunge into “free” government healthcare, “free” college tuition, open borders, confiscatory taxes, anti-police rhetoric, activist judges and bizarre sexual politics is alienating more and more “everyday” Americans. 

The Left needs new voting blocs.  It’s the only way they’ll stay competitive, especially when the Trump Administration has the economy roaring like a Ferrari.

Millions of evangelical Christians and moderate-to-conservative Catholics voted for Mr. Trump because they saw him as their best bet against a hostile Deep State and its media allies.  Portions of the IRS, the FBI and other federal agencies had been criminally politicized under President Obama, and Hillary Clinton would have finished the job. 

With state power unchecked since the Reagan years, Uncle Sam has morphed into Nurse Ratched, presiding over a giant sanitarium.  That’s the issue ignored by the media:  Democrats are at war with normalcy of any kind and want to impose their cracked view of reality on the rest of us.  

Do you think the Constitution, moored in Judeo-Christian values, helped make America the freest, most prosperous nation in history? You’re a bigot.  Do you think men and women have biological, emotional and social differences naturally reflected in everyday life, and that marriage requires a man and a woman?  You’re crazy or a hater or both.  

Government at all levels under the ruling elites has turned into a monster that forces people to lie to avoid unfounded charges of bigotry.  Mr. Trump’s unexpected election has thrown a wrench into the grand plan, hence the rage on the Left. 

The new normal has been advanced mostly by changing the fundamental meaning of words.  Government spending is “investment.”  Taxes are “revenue.” Abortion is “choice” and marriage has been denatured.  In Virginia, Fairfax County public schools have adopted the phrase “sex assigned at birth.”  Did a boy pop out of the womb? Not so fast.  That could really be a girl.  Never mind the evidence.

Nearly all gender-confused children straighten out by late adolescence – unless the child is pushed into identifying with the opposite sex. Without buying into delusion, you can love and sympathize with people who believe they were born in the “wrong” body.   But the laws fashioned by the Left mandate acceptance and even celebration.   

New York City’s Commission on Human Rights three years ago criminalized biologically grounded pronouns.  Business people, landlords and others who offend a transgendered person face fines up to $250,000. 

In California, the Democrat-controlled legislature enacted a law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown that can send healthcare workers to prison if they decline to use pronouns preferred by patients. 

This is not just a wrinkle.  It’s a major threat to freedom of conscience.  As Jennifer Roback Morse, author of “The Sexual State:  How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives and Why the Church Was Right All Along,” warns, "If the government can make you say, 'Bruce Jenner is a woman,' they can make you say anything."

Abigail Shrier wrote in The Wall Street Journal this past week, “For those with a religious conviction that sex is both biological and binary, God’s purposeful creation, denial of this involves sacrilege no less than bowing to idols in the town square.”   Where’s the prophet Daniel when we need him?

Even if they don’t connect all the dots between the Democrats’ radical policies and the steady march toward totalitarianism, many American “deplorables” are reacting instinctively.  They may wince at President Trump’s smashmouth Tweets and checkered past, but they know a champion for their values when they see one.  

Which is why the Left would like to acquire a whole new American electorate by any means.

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