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Joe Biden wants us to believe he will be an “American president” who will serve everyone. But the truth is that a Biden presidency will leave unheard and unacknowledged the voices of America’s preborn.

Since Roe v. Wade, abortion has killed more than 60 million babies. Thousands of preborn lives are aborted in America each and every day, with abortion accounting for one out of every three deaths in the United States. Biden can talk all he wants about unifying America, healing our divisions, and representing every American, but if he truly wants to serve all Americans, he should take a step back from the extremist pro-abortion politics of his party. 

For years, the Democratic Party has become more and more beholden to the extremist pro-abortion lobby, often at the expense of votes they could otherwise secure. The rhetoric of the Biden-Harris ticket has reflected the desires of these pro-abortion activists far more than those of the American people or even Democrats in general.  As the projected winners, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris represent the most radically pro-abortion candidates ever elected to serve as president and vice-president. Biden, for example, has said that he would make support for abortion a “litmus test” for all Supreme Court nominees, while Kamala Harris has a long record of supporting the most radical pro-abortion policies ever proposed. 

It wasn’t always the case that Democrats were the bastion of pro-abortion politics. The Democratic Party has forgotten its history of pro-life advocacy, and there remain a substantial portion of Democrats today who still support restrictions on abortion. Republicans and Democrats used to be able to agree on at least some pro-life protections. The Hyde Amendment, for example, restricts federal funds from paying for abortions and has long enjoyed bipartisan support from both Republicans and Democrats, including Biden himself.  

But that has since changed. No longer do we hear Democrats talk about making abortion safe, legal and rare. Today, it’s the political mantra for Joe Biden, among other leading Democrats, to defend abortion as “essential healthcare” for women, while also reversing his earlier position and denouncing the Hyde Amendment

Biden’s radical pro-abortion priorities are a grave mistake, and imposing those priorities on Americans will not unify our country. Abortion does not have to be a partisan issue because life is not a partisan issue. Protecting the lives of the preborn is, in fact, one of the few truly American issues. Americans have unified around protecting life from COVID-19. We have unified around protecting life from the ravages of drug abuse. We can and must do the same for the preborn. 

If we don’t, what kind of a country do we have? What sort of “healing” can we undergo as a nation if we continue to kill the preborn by the millions? What could it possibly mean for our leaders to serve “all Americans” if the policies they propose don’t simply neglect but actively and intentionally terminate the lives of America’s preborn? 

It’s not too late for Joe Biden to live up to what he has promised. He can still reverse course on the Hyde Amendment. He can still work with the Senate to nominate judges who respect life. And he can still pledge and strive to protect the most discriminated, vulnerable, and underrepresented population among us: the preborn. This would be truly courageous and would better position Biden to truly be a president for all Americans.

Dean Nelson is the Executive Director of Human Coalition Action. 

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