Why Suburban Mothers Support Trump

Posted: Sep 09, 2020 1:28 PM
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Why Suburban Mothers Support Trump

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Mothers know a simple truth – one Winston Churchill, by chance, put into words: “Kites fly highest against the wind, not with it.”  In other words, teaching values is harder than letting go; working to preserve America, keeping values high, requires persistence.  

As a mother, let me explain why Trump’s reelection is essential – for those who care about America’s past and future, Bill of Rights, and giving our kids the chance to strive, fail, start again, and succeed.  We know life is not a straight line but stops and starts. We needed the freedom to explore, live, learn, and finally succeed.  Our children deserve that same freedom.  Trump makes that possible; Biden could care less – as his client is the government.  

Generally, mothers want their sons and daughters – grandsons and granddaughters – to have a shot at their individual destiny, whatever that may be.  We are not interested in having them bundled into identity groups, their views shaped by others, taken for granted, disrespected, discarded, twisted, or impugned.  That is not America, land of free speech, religion, and assembly.  

We are not interested in a government that marginalizes the individual, distorts personal differences, uses the wonderful sweep of individuality to promote class warfare, socialism, communism, fascism, racism, or any other “ism” that contributes to social unrest, societal tension, or ending America’s long run.  

We want honest education for our kids, not activism, leftwing politics, or the agenda of powerful teachers’ unions.  We want respect for the family, the role and right of parents to raise their kids.  Mothers and fathers have the right to teach faith, fidelity, freedom, hard work, self-reliance, and a range of moral values – and not to see those values methodically undone by the state.  Moral relativity should never countermand moral compass. 

Honoring America’s history, President Trump is plainly proud of who we are – and who we have always been.  We are “One Nation under God, indivisible” – imperfect, yet always aspiring to “liberty and justice for all.”  We are beneficiaries of hard-won victories, keepers of freedom’s flame, protectors of our exceptional past – to support a future without ceiling. 

We want our kids to live in an America safe from senseless riots, strong at home and abroad, secure in their jobs and in the nation’s goodness, striving but thankful, not reckless, restless, or led by wrongheaded, graceless, and ungrateful agitators. We have had enough of them. 

We are not interested in seeing cities, suburbs and towns marred by more riots, fear, violence, and mobs undermining basic rule of law.  We are not interested in political leaders who see anarchist disorder, socialist disdain for the individual, disruption of human connections from commerce to community and family to faith as some political tool.  That is not real America. 

We want to preserve this place, where our daughters grow up to become anything they wish, educators, doctors, business leaders, engineers, scientists, astronauts – and can also be respected as wives and mothers, dedicated to any future they can envision, not one dictated by the state.  

For our sons, we want a place where they are not demeaned, coerced, limited, persecuted, socially molded, or made to be less than the men they were born to be, where strength of character, heart, mind and body are celebrated, where historic men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Ulysses S. Grant, those on Rushmore to Apollo’s moonwalkers are revered as real heroes and role models – not torn down, figuratively or literally. 

We want an America alive and thriving, awake and working, not cowed by political correctness, paralyzed by media-fanned fears, or worried about whether pride is justified.  It is.  We want an America resilient, resurgent with hope, concerned about our fellow citizens – not quick to blame. 

We want a place true to our ideals, pulling together in one direction, eyes on the far horizon, hopeful, faithful and full-hearted, not pointing fingers for a foreign virus and pause in economic gains, not stirring racial unrest – certainly not spinning made-up stories to impeach a president. 

When we say we love this “land of the free and home of the brave,” these are not empty words. They are words of love and gratitude, a bond not only among living mothers, but past American mothers – who gave sons and daughters so we might become mothers. Trump knows respect for mothers and fathers – as for soldiers – is not time-bound but timeless.  

We are a blessed lot, We Americans – especially American Moms. President Trump sees the future through the eyes of an American who has fought to fulfill his own destiny.  Part of that destiny is to see every American child – yours and mine –fulfill theirs.  Is there a higher calling?   

We can help make that happen by standing up for values that protect families – and for the one presidential candidate who respects life, born and unborn, young, and old.  Trump will not submerge the individual into some giant, monolithic, all-powerful, socialist state. Biden would.  

That is why mothers who see the best in America – not the worst; who love our history – rather than hate it; who honor those in places like Arlington and Normandy – rather than tearing down statutes and what they fought for; and who want to keep America great – will vote for the presidential candidate who shares their love of America.  Trump understands what we live for. That is why so many mothers support him. 

In the end, Trump stands for family, freedom, and the future – tied to individual’s finding their own destiny.  Most Moms get that.  They know you cannot let the kite go and expect good things.  Good things take work – like mothering, protecting freedom, honoring history, and getting kites to fly their highest.  Churchill knew it.  Mothers know it.  All should know it. 

Rebecca Weber is CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), a 2.1 million-strong, non-partisan group for Americans 50+. She is also a suburban New York mother, writer and community leader.