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Since the Obama administration was determined to change America’s social structure, it mattered little that social engineering is not the purpose of the United States’ armed forces.

President Barack Obama and his cohorts viewed the Department of Defense primarily as a large and convenient tool in his toolbox, which he, as commander in chief, could use at will to “transform America.”

“Diversity” was prized and prioritized above strength, while our military struggled to maintain its effectiveness and efficiency.

Thank God, President Trump has mandated that his administration restore the strength of our military — its mission readiness, command proficiency and combat effectiveness. He acted quickly to request much-needed funds to rebuild the military infrastructure and to ensure that our men and women in uniform have the very best training, weaponry and resources.

Mr. Trump, however, will do unintended harm to military readiness if military service personnel must continue to contend with problematic/social policies imposed by the Obama administration — policies that actually impede defense imperatives. The “politically correct” Obama policies were imposed on our military largely through administrative fiat. The great news is that they can quickly be removed in like manner.

The most problematic policies that must be immediately reversed are those that address transgender issues and the layers of costs and restructuring of systems that go along with them.

For instance, the order by Mr. Obama on June 30, 2016 to no longer discharge transgender service members, and the order that’s scheduled to go into effect in July that demands that transgenders must be actively recruited to join the military, are presented to the public as if they will not have a ripple effect in the development of subordinate regulations, guidances, programs and health services that support the transgender lifestyle.

Is the American military now to assume the responsibility and expenses of retaining persons who are suffering with a condition that requires long-term medical treatments such as hormone therapy, counseling, and cosmetic surgery? And will our military dollars now be spent on “gender reassignment surgery” instead of the best weaponry? And what about the long- term psychological issues that include higher rates of depression and suicide among those who struggle with transgender issues?

“Gender transitioning” is a complex, expensive and very long process for the individual and their caregivers. (And, oh, by the way, it is not a proven science.) Is the Department of Defense prepared to restructure on every level, on every base, in every ROTC unit, on every battlefield and theater of war in order to constantly provide such services?

And exactly when, in this process, does actual military training take place?

There is no benefit to military readiness of continuing with transgender Obama-era orders. But in addition to turning the military away from its only real purpose for existing — which is to protect the United States of America and our citizens — there are serious constitutional issues at stake. For instance, will military medical doctors, nurses and other health care professionals be universally required to surgically change the genitals of men and women on demand, even if it violates their own deeply held religious beliefs and personal medical ethics?

Though consistent with the absurd world view that says “the greatest threat facing our military is global warming,” “peace through diversity” is a ridiculous and dangerous military strategy.

Mr. Trump can succeed in making America safe again by making our military strong again only if he reverses the Obama agenda.

The first order of business is to nullify the upcoming scheduled LGBT Pride Month military events in June. Quick, decisive action canceling these wasteful celebrations that do nothing to strengthen military readiness will signal to the nation and the world of Mr. Trump’s resolve to restore America’s military to the greatest fighting force on Earth.

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