Former Secret Service Agent Discusses DC “Bubble”

Posted: Nov 26, 2013 12:01 AM

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino joined the Program to discuss the incestuous nature of Washington DC. In his new Book Bongino reveals the insular nature of the Whtie House, and the corrupt mentality of DC insiders.

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Show Prep:

Dan Bongino, former Obama Administration Secret Service Agent, talks about the corruption and “bubble” mentality inside the White House.

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Obama said he’s not a “particularly ideological person.” Bwahahahaha – oh. . . Wait. . . He was serious: (The Blaze)

This is a bad list for the US President to find himself on: (KWTX)

Stupid obstructionist Republi- wait a minute. . . Harry Reid is a Democrat. (Fox News)

I just want to sum up: We cut a deal with Iran that legitimizes their nuclear capabilities, and enables them to move closer to nuclear armaments; while simultaneously ignoring the concerns of our Middle East allies and limiting Israel’s legitimate right to self-preservation? Wow. . . I want to sell John Kerry a used car. (WSJ)

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