Obamacare Can't Run, Can't Hide Now That GOP 'Defeated'

Posted: Oct 23, 2013 12:01 AM

Now that the government is back to spending more money than they collect in taxes, are the Republicans fairing any better in the polls? Maybe it’s about time for the GOP to focus? Brent Littlefield, with Littlefield Consulting, discussed the GOP’s prospects in 2014.

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Brent Littlefield, one of the last good guys in Washington, joined the program to give his take on how the GOP is fairing after the shutdown:

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I’m pretty sure Obama’s idol growing up was Billy Mayes:(WSJ)

Progress: Slate Magazine is now arguing that death panels would be a good thing:(Slate.com)

Now we’re calling for a “secular” ten commandments? Apparently God wasn’t inclusive enough for liberals.(France24)

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