Obamacare is American Dream Death Panel

Posted: Oct 22, 2013 12:01 AM

As the President tries to convince America that everything is going swimmingly with Obamacare, an increasing number of citizens are expressing doubt. Dr. Ben Carson joined the show to talk about Obamacare, the American Dream, and why the two don’t fit together.

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Show Prep:

Dr Ben Carson joined the program to talk about Obamacare, and the increasingly lost American Dream.

What’s Right with Ransom – um. . . Or: What’s Right with Schaus:

Big Three:

Other News:

Dick Cheney: Former Vice President, Conservative thinker, and tea party supporter. (Another reason for the Left to hate him.): (Fox News)

The Obamacare websites need up to 5 million line of code written. . . But, yeah, it would be really intolerable if we delayed implementation by a year. . . (National Review)

Obamacare’s “progressive” and “forward-thinking” approach to healthcare: Racial segregation. (We’re not kidding.): (Daily Caller)

Obamacare enrollees are expected to join the President in the Rose Garden. Also in attendance will be a leprechaun, and a unicorn.: (The Hill)

The Program in its entirety:

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