Group is Protesting: No Yellen!

Posted: Oct 11, 2013 12:01 AM


Despite the shutdown, Debt Limit, and other daily DC Distractions, the big story for the market is Janet Yellen, nominee for Fed Chairman. How wrong is she for the job? According to the American Principles in Action, she’s pretty wrong for the job. . .

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Show Prep:

Rich Danker – American Principles in Action Economic Director - joined the program to discuss just how wrong Janet Yellen is for Fed Chairman. (Chairwoman?)

Powerful or Pitiful?

Big Three:

Number Three:

William Daley, a former executive at JP Morgan, said – pretty much – what we’ve been saying: The Feds are a bit over aggressive with their investigations into Jamie Dimon’s business.

Number Two:

We talk a lot about how QE has kinda been used to compensate for poor fiscal policy coming out of Washington. As it turns out, the Fed – I know this is a shock – is doing that purpose.

Number One:

Oh, and speaking of Washington Gridlock. . . We all knew it was just a matter of time: Jack Lew is out there now – Engaged in Barack Obama’s “scare the old people” strategy.

Other News:

Best word to attach to Boehner? “Caving.” (AP)

Reid won’t say if he’s read all the Obamacare regulations. . . Duh. He’s probably not capable of skimming through 10,300 pages of legalize. . . (CNSNews)

Yep. . . That’s government for you: The (broken) Obamacare websites cost more than private sector websites – and they work less efficiently. (Or, sometimes, not at all.) (DigitalTrends)

Then again, did anyone think the Feds could actually pull off a highly sophisticated technological process? Didn't think so. (WashingtonPost)

The Program in its entirety:

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