If it wasn’t for Washington DC this Economy Could be the Best in History

Posted: Oct 09, 2013 12:01 AM

washiThe real problem in Washington is that many don’t understand the concept of economic growth. . . Just as importantly: Many don’t understand that it is imperative to economic prosperity Carl Schramm, economist and columnist, pointed out that some people in Washington actually believe growth is bad for the economy.

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Show Prep:

Carl Schramm, economist and columnist, joined the program to talk about the lack of growth in the US economy:

What’s Right with Ransom:

Big Three:

Number Three:

The key to making the market look like it’s doing real well? . . . Have low expectations. Mike Santoli, from Yahoo Finance, talked about the current earnings season: (CNBC)

Number Two:

Our very own sad French Clown spoke at length this morning about the unlikely event of a government default. . . More importantly, he spoke about how the market is looking at the potential: (Bloomberg)

Number One:

But. . . According to the media, John Boehner might have an “escape hatch” when it comes to the government shutdown and the debt ceiling. (Bloomberg)

Other News:

So. . . WWII vets can’t visit their memorial, but illegals can rally on the National mall for amnesty? (Breitbart)

Maybe we should just outlaw childhood? (CBS)

Alright. . . This is low; even for Obama’s politics-of-pain-shutdown. (CNSNews)

Um. . . Of Course China doesn’t want us to default. (Bloomberg)

The Program in its entirety:

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