Big Lies from the Ruling Class

Posted: Aug 16, 2013 12:01 AM

Diana West, Author and Historian, joined the program to discuss the biggest lies that the ruling class have told the American People. Her new book, American Betrayal, is a fascinating look at the narrative some in DC have tried to cover up over the last century.

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Show Prep:

Diana West, Author and Historian, joined the program to discuss her new book, American Betrayal. (An absolute MUST READ. Find it here.)

Big Three:

Number Three:

Oil prices climb as Egypt falls into chaos. . .

Number Two:

One benefit of QE: Profit margins are back to where they were right before the recession.

Number One:

Of course there’s something else that is back to where it was as we went into recession. . . Jobless numbers. The last batch of numbers were revised up to 335k, and this week is 320k. . . 320k! Of course, Steve Liesman, on CNBC, sees nothing but positive news in this number.

Stocks in the News:

Other News:

Powerful and Pitiful, with Ashton Kutcher. Powerful: His message about hard work. Pitiful: The crowd’s obnoxious, girlish, screams at every syllable he utters.

Good news: Our Debt isn’t really $16.7 trillion. Bad news: It’s closer to $70 trillion.

Obama finally spoke about Egypt. Unfortunately the speech, conducted in the driveway of his Martha’s Vineyard vacation home, made him late for golf. Poor guy. That whole “President” thing really gets in the way of his royal treatment.

Funding an Obamacare outreach program, with taxpayer money, through Planned Parenthood. Nah. . . I don’t think it’s a political payoff or anything. . .

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