Obama’s Hack Recovery

Posted: Aug 06, 2013 12:01 AM

Why do we keep trying the same old failed attempts at government-induced economic recovery? Has it ever worked? Ransom also discusses some of the economic news that looks good; until you recognize it is actually bad news being reported as good news. Got it? Good. (Or bad?)  

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Show Prep:

Right with Ransom

Big Three:

Number Three:

It’s been two years since S&P downgraded US debt. . . How far have we come since then? Well. . . Not far.

Number Two:

Good news, and bad news in the Housing market. . . It kinda makes you wonder what we would do without those insightful minds in the media.

Number One:

The ISM non-manufacturing numbers are out. . . It’s been a while since we heard some good news from our favorite economic optimist; Here’s Mike Mckee with the numbers.

Stocks in the News:

Rabbi Ganz joined the program to discuss his new book – and modern attempts to undermine the only real concept in history that has produced wealth and freedom.

Other News:

So, Obama said the war on terror was all but over. . . And now we are closing down 22 embassies across the Muslim world. What a great display of strength: The mightiest nation in the world shutting down because of some idiots with RPGs. But, according to Newsmax, here’s the worst part of the whole fiasco.

Good thing we have all that NSA spying going on. . .

NSA, IRS, SEC, FEC. . . If it is a three letter agency and run by this administration, you can count on it being corrupt.

I’ll hold onto all this cash. . . I won’t even ask any questions:

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