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Exactly how "scientific" is the COVID-19 information that we've been spoon-fed as justification for restrictions of basic freedoms and seemingly never-ending mandates for jabs? Can we take the official narrative at face-value and really trust that they're "following the science", whenever authorities tighten the screws yet again

The issue of how much we may not be seeing of the big picture was brought to light recently here in France -- and far too briefly -- when the government agency responsible for information on hospitalizations published a report earlier this month on hospital activity related to COVID-19 in 2020.

What was found in the report by France's "Technical Agency for Information on Hospitalization", titled "Analysis of 2020 Hospital Activity", dropped jaws and raised red flags for those who managed to hear about it in the brief time that it was discussed. And the government's far too dismissive treatment of the surprising data published by one of its own agencies raised even more questions about the selectivity of data presented for consumption by the general public.

"During 2020, 218,000 patients were hospitalized for treatment of Covid-19. Covid patients represent 2% of all hospitalized patients during the year 2020, all hospital fields combined," the report stated. It also added: "In 2020, Covid patients represent 5% of all patients treated in critical care units."

Those single-digit figures aren't at all what most people in France imagine when bombarded with rhetoric evoking overwhelmed hospitals. So, what accounts for the discrepancy between this scientific data and the promoted mass perception now etched in the minds of the general public about the impact of this virus on health institutions?

Various experts and authorities were quick to step into the fray to defend the official narrative.

"This figure does not give the number of days of hospitalization," said French government spokesman, Gabriel Attal.

"Is it true that 'Covid patients' only represented 2% of total hospitalizations in France in 2020?" asked the mainstream left-leaning newspaper, Liberation, before answering. "Covid patients represented 2% of total admissions, but 4% of total hospital days in 2020. In critical care, Covid patients represented 5% of admissions, but 8% of hospital days."

In yet another "fact check", publicly funded state media, France Info, pointed out that the "weight" of Covid patients in intensive care represented nonetheless 19% of hospitalization days last year.

Sorry, but even the highest possibly calculable figure of 19 percent -- that of intensive care days occupied by Covid patients -- doesn't jibe with the notion of overwhelmed and overflowing hospitals of which we have been incessantly reminded.

It would take a skilled mental gymnast to reconcile this scientific data that's supposed to represent the ground truth reality in France with the official narrative that has driven everything from strict lockdowns to curfews and now jab mandates resulting in firings and a drastic loss of basic freedoms.

As an increasing number of jabbed people are learning that they can not only still catch Covid, but also infect others with it, the argument is now shifting back to the need to protect hospitals. And this French data only weakens that plea.

However much the gatekeepers of the official government narrative might be trying to control the message, this new information is a striking blow to the credibility of literally everything they have presented - past, present, and future. It should incite every thinking person to ask what other information is being selectively omitted because it doesn't fit with the current narrative of jabs for all.

The last thing that governments seem to want people to do is to make decisions for themselves based on their own research and personal situation. If they had any respect for the basic rights and freedoms of their citizens, they'd publish and promote all data related to all possible individual circumstances, including acquired immunity, jab side effects, and allow people to make their own risk/benefit assessments. Who truly believes that they're doing that now and not continually engaging in the kind of gate-keeping and message spinning that we've seen here in France over this hospital data?

Rather than transparency, our governments have been hell-bent on imposing a one-size-fits-all straitjacket on everyone and forcing them into compliance with a medical act that threatens their livelihood and may be more risky than beneficial.

As another round of Covid panic gears up prematurely with the new "Omicron variant", governments worldwide owe it to their citizens to be fully transparent with all data, even that which is inconvenient for their own narrative. And since the government's version of "the science" isn't transparently scientific, it's time to take the boot of sanitary fascism off people's necks and let them make their own life choices with all the tools that have been marketed to the hilt and are now at their full disposal.

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