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Since the left can’t win the debate solely in the realm of ideas, it resorts to vicious attacks on conservatives, from physical attacks to trying to destroy their careers. The latest example involved Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) posting on Twitter the names and employers of private citizens in his congressional district who made the maximum donation to President Trump’s campaign. The intent was to make their employers question their employment, and get the public to boycott the self-owned businesses. Castro said the donors were funding white supremacy. That is absurd, considering Trump has never said or done anything that could remotely be seen as supporting white supremacy, all he’s done is denounce it.  


Fortunately, in the case of Bill Miller’s BBQ joints, whose owner was named by Castro, conservatives fought back and formed long lines in the drive-thru of the restaurant. Even Texas Gov. Greg Abbott stopped by and posted photos on Twitter. This is similar to what is happening with Chick-fil-A. The left called to boycott the fast-food chain because its owner made public statements against same-sex marriage and its charitable side donated millions to conservative organizations. But conservatives fought back by frequenting the chain even more often. Consequently, Chick-fil-A has been named the nation’s top fast-food restaurant for the fourth year in a row. The survey is based on feedback from 23,000 customers. 

But this isn’t going to protect everyone. What about the small business that offers a product that most people can’t easily go purchase, say life insurance?  

This particular tactic by Castro is a variation on the usual way the left tries to destroy careers on the right. Usually, the left bombards their employer with demands to fire them. What is so evil about this method of targeting people’s careers is it destroys people’s lives. If you can no longer make a living in your career, you are out of a job and forced to change careers. Prospective employers can google you and discover the incident, which may make them hesitant to hire you. It can have a snowball effect, where you are left unemployed and lose everything, which may destroy your health from stress. If you have a family that depends on your income, they are going to suffer as well.   


When the left targets someone, thousands of social justice warriors pounce on the target. They gang up like bullies with no conscience. They don’t care that they may ruin someone’s life. They don’t care that it’s not equal — the punishment is so drastic compared to the “sin” of being on the right. They don’t seek just to destroy one life, they want to send a message as a deterrent to other people on the right that they had better lie low about their conservatism. This will happen to you too if you dare do what this fellow did. And it’s getting more insidious, all you have to do is donate to a conservative and they will come after you.

If you work for a major employer, you probably know the left will target you if you show up on their radar, say with a tweet that makes them mad. But now people who work for themselves are a target. In addition to targeting you publicly, the left will bury you in legal attacks, as they’ve done to small businesses which declined to provide services for same-sex weddings. Their goal is to drive them out of business. If you work for a conservative or Christian employer, you probably think you’re safe, your employer isn’t going to fire you for your views. But the left can attack you in other ways. They can come after you and your employer for “misgendering” transgenders, which means referring to them using the pronouns of the gender they were born with. This is rapidly becoming the law in certain places. They could bombard Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. with requests to ban your employer from those platforms. Since many companies depend on those sites to earn revenue, they risk going out of business.  


The left is expanding the ways it attacks people through their employers as well as the self-employed. They are seeking to silence us from the public sphere, from the right to contribute money to campaigns, and the right to free speech. What are they going to silence next?

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