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An article earlier this year in Politico speculated that this presidential election may be the first one ever to be decided by women. The Obama campaign understands this, and has trotted out a series of ditzy female celebrities to declare their support for Obama because he is for “women’s rights.” Eva Longoria, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Judd, Scarlett Johansson and others have come out publicly with statements within the past few weeks. Longoria spoke at the Democratic National Convention, and has said, "There is an attack on women’s health care and President Obama's policies are the only ones that are going to move the agenda for women’s rights.....I find such a champion in President Obama -- which is why I passionately support him -- specifically because I'm a woman.” But what exactly does this mean?

Women have essentially achieved equality in American society, they have the right to vote, they can obtain virtually any job a man can hold, and studies show that women receive salaries equal to men when factors like experience are taken into consideration. There is essentially nothing left to achieve in the area of “women's rights” in the U.S. So Obama has championed the made up “women's rights” of abortions and birth control.

Abortion and birth control are highly controversial issues, with women divided over their use and funding. Consequently, it cannot be said that they equate to “women's rights,” which all women have traditionally supported. Additionally, with all of the free women's clinics around the country, it is ludicrous to claim that access to abortions and birth control is a problem. You can't drive a couple of miles without seeing a women's clinic.

By obsessing over a problem that does not exist, it is apparent that Obama is tricking women and distracting them from real issues. The primary issue Obama is concerned about for women is also society's primary concern about feral cats and wild animals: preventing them from breeding. Instead of being concerned about women's education, brains, safety, children, or other issues, Obama has fooled women - particularly ditzy celebrities – into thinking that stopping them from breeding is their most important issue.

Using vapid celebrities who don't really understand politics to blindly repeat Obama's rhetoric is insulting to intelligent women and frankly embarrassing. They might as well be saying, “I am supporting Obama because he realizes the most important issue for women is stopping us from breeding.”

There is a gender gap in the presidential race, with women favoring Obama over Mitt Romney. Obama has cleverly come up with a phrase to attack Romney and the Republicans who do not agree that breeding prevention should be the number one issue for women, “The Republicans' War on Women.” Romney closed the gap from 18 points down to three points after the presidential debate. Perhaps women are beginning to understand that Obama is treating women as single-issue voters only interested in breeding prevention.

Observing Romney's wonderful wife Ann, does anyone really believe for a minute that Romney is a sexist who wants to turn back “women's rights?” Contrast the classy Ann Romney with Michelle Obama, who does not appear to care about any woman except herself. She brazenly wears clothing from the most expensive designers, gowns that most women will never be able to afford, landing her a spot on People Magazine's “10 Best-Dressed Women.” After Obama was elected president, she took sixteen lavish vacations within three years around the world, something else most women cannot afford. Judicial Watch analyzed the vacations and found they
cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. White House sources report that she spent $10 million on vacations in just one year. Some of this money was spent on expensive massages and alcohol. Few Americans have the money for even one vacation a year in the current dismal economy. Ann Romney spoke up earlier this year and said the Romneys would not be taking as many vacations as the Obamas if her husband becomes president.

All of Michelle Obama's expensive designer gowns cannot give her class. She brazenly declared on Good Morning America, “I've got a loud mouth.” She apparently isn't concerned about teaching her daughters to be classy women either. She looks up to the singer Beyonce as a role model for her daughters. Beyonce is known for her scantily-clad performances and dirty lyrics, which include a song entitled “Nasty Girl.”

Hopefully, women voters will see through Obama's low view of women. Women are not playthings to be used by deceitful politicians for their own purposes. We all love wild animals and feral cats, but there are far more important issues to be considered this election than breeding prevention.

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