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We Don't Like the Future We See

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Americans don't need a fortuneteller to predict our future. We can see the future right before our eyes: Europe. And we don't like it.

Europe, whose economy we so generously subsidized with billions of dollars given by hardworking U.S. taxpayers and whose freedom we repeatedly defended with the blood of our young men, is now a disaster area, financially and culturally. Europe's decline is even beyond the U.S.'s capability to save -- again.

Europe's financial collapse is the result of extravagant deficit spending and the increased percentage of the population that has become dependent on government handouts. Some of their people have begun to believe that they are even entitled to these government handouts. Europe's cultural collapse is the result of allowing a tsunami of immigrants who would not assimilate into European civilization, would not obey the laws of their adopted country and stubbornly retained their loyalty to the customs of their native land.

The bad effects of those tragic decisions have been magnified by the mistake of relinquishing their national sovereignty to the European Union and by replacing their own currencies with the euro. The people can't be blamed; the European elite who presumed to be smarter than ordinary people made those decisions.

The march toward the global economy, aka the New World Order, is fundamentally anti-democratic. The chasm between the European elites leading the march and the 300- million-plus people who were not allowed to vote on joining the EU or adopting the euro was a scandalous offense against the democracy the elites claim to respect.

The EU paper-pushers in Brussels, with their own flag and anthem, have assumed full power over foreign relations, international agreements, the armed forces, and criminal and civil law, while the EU court in Luxembourg indulges in imaginative judicial activism to implement "the ever closer union of the peoples of Europe."

The plan originally sounded so rational, so much like helping history to unfold in an inexorable march toward what German Chancellor Helmut Kohl called the "irreversible" process of unifying Europe. On Dec. 9, the EU countries relinquished their last vestige of their sovereignty by agreeing to allow the European Court of Justice to strike down a member's laws if they violate fiscal discipline.

The question for Americans is: Are we going down the same dead-end road? America, too, has an elite that wants to take us down the yellow brick road of fake promises, such as free trade and a global economy administered by a wizard-behind-the-curtains in Geneva called the World Trade Organization.

George W. Bush stepped onto that road just months after becoming president. On April 22, 2001, he signed the Declaration of Quebec City in which he made a "commitment to hemispheric integration," endorsing the Free Trade Area of the Americas.

That idea took a dive because Communist Hugo Chavez was consolidating his control over Venezuela. "Hemispheric" goals were quietly halved and replaced with the North American Union and the Security and Prosperity Partnership, endorsed by Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin in Waco, Texas, on March 23, 2005.

The three amigos met in 2006 in Cancun, Mexico, and they demanded that Congress pass a comprehensive immigration bill with a worker permit program. At their third meeting in Quebec in 2007, they agreed on a 44-page comprehensive plan to set up a "Coordinating Body" of "decision-makers" during flu epidemics, based on U.N. and North American Free Trade Agreement guidelines.

All the while, we were told this was advancing us towards a North American Union modeled on the then-successful European Union. Globalism was their goal, Europe was their model and their writings were laced with the language to grease our way: "economic integration," "harmonization" and "the free movement of goods, services and people across open borders."

The favorite business authority Peter F. Drucker wrote in his 1993 book "Post-Capitalist Society" that the European Union "triggered the attempt to create a North American economic community. ... The economic integration of the three countries into one region is proceeding so fast that it will make little difference whether the marriage is sanctified legally or not."

But our European model is collapsing before our eyes and, worse, we have now discovered that the globalists have tied us into that failed model. Barack Obama welcomes our journey toward globalism, even as he prepares us to pay for Europe's mistakes. This week he said: "If we see Europe tank, that obviously could have a big impact on our ability to generate the jobs that we need here in the United States."

Can we reverse course, return to the roots of our constitutional restrictions on government stupidity and once again achieve the prosperity given to us by private enterprise within protected borders?

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