The Efforts to Thwart Brexit and Impeach President Trump Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

Posted: Dec 02, 2019 10:22 AM
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The Efforts to Thwart Brexit and Impeach President Trump Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

Source: AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

When Winston Churchill called the bond between the Americans and the British a “special relationship,” he couldn’t possibly have imagined just how intertwined the political fortunes of both countries would eventually become. 

Three years ago, the British and the Americans fired the opening salvo of a populist revolt which continues to resonate around the world. The British, fed up with an increasingly out of touch bureaucracy in Brussels, decisively voted to leave the European Union. Americans, outraged at a self-serving elite who left their countrymen behind, sent President Trump to Washington to "drain the swamp".

And in both countries there are Deep State bureaucrats and entrenched politicians working in overdrive to undermine the democratic will of the people, and to subvert the national interest for the benefit of international globalism. 

In the UK parliament, devoted Remainers have expended tremendous effort to undermine Brexit, rejecting the results of one of the greatest exercises in popular sovereignty ever seen in the British Isles. Many who are staunchly opposed to leaving the E.U. are clamoring for a second referendum they hope will yield a different result. They have spent their time in power actively undermining the will of the people, not representing it.  

The same has happened in the United States. Since the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency first dawned on American elites, the powers that be have laid siege to his legitimacy. Manufactured scandals and unwarranted investigations have loomed over this presidency like Churchill’s black dog, threatening to spoil every moment of success. For years, we have been told about imminent removal from office through the press and leaks from government officials, just to find out later that there was “no there there.”

And just as in 2016, the decisive moment has arrived at the same time in both countries. 

President Trump faces impeachment charges, manufactured by his political opponents and perpetuated by a complicit liberal press. The establishment is putting all of their eggs into this basket, a last gasp attempt to undermine the democratic will of the American people before our next election. They want to remove him from office so the people don’t even have a chance to send him back to Washington next year. They fear they can't beat him, so they need to get rid of him.

Meanwhile, in the UK, supporters of Brexit are pinning their hopes on new parliamentary elections to vote out those who oppose leaving the E.U. After years of Parliament slow walking Brexit, negotiating terrible deals, and claiming the British people didn’t know what they signed up for, Brexiteers are hoping a new parliament will enact Brexit as the people voted for and demand. 

Both sides of the pond are hearing the swan song of those who pull the levers of power and are determined to undermine the will of the people. This week, President Trump is traveling to London for a NATO summit, where he will have an opportunity to reaffirm the special relationship of which Churchill spoke. He will also have a chance to make a bold statement in support of U.K. sovereignty, and send a clear message to the forces on either side of the Atlantic trying to undermine it.  

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