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Censoring a False Impeachment

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While reflecting on the lessons of the Vietnam war, General William Westmoreland once stated, “without censorship, things can get terribly confused in the public mind”. It would certainly appear that Adam Schiff has begun to take notice. Such is why, as the Democrat leader of the current impeachment crusade, Congressman Schiff has closed all hearings and instituted a Soviet-style course of action to overturn the last election. Schiff knows that, absent his total control of information, his total control of all leaks, the public may not buy into his narrative. And absent public belief in his narrative, his attempts to subvert democracy will fail.


Adam Schiff has been down this road of impeachment fantasy before. He knows its pitfalls. He has seen what happens to partisan political posturing when he cannot control the dissemination of information. Which is precisely why he must conduct the hearings in secret now.

Democrats nationwide chanted “Russia” for two long years in hopes of unseating President Trump. Congressman Schiff proudly declared that he, personally, had the evidence to back up such dreams. Yet Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation simply did not agree. Schiff could not control the information, and thus, could not control the narrative. And the Russia collusion narrative fizzled.

This past September, as the supposed whistleblower complaint of Presidential malfeasance towards Ukraine swept through Washington, front and center was Adam Schiff to inform the country of Trump’s evils. We were told that Trump “pressured” a foreign leader to dig up dirt on a political opponent. We were assured that President Trump withheld military aid contingent upon such help. And we were promised that he yelled “Biden!” eight loud times. But then we got the transcript of the phone call, and a statement from Ukrainian President Zelensky, and of all the promises disappeared.

As it turned out, President Trump never yelled at Zelensky. He never conditioned aid on a Biden investigation. Zelensky himself stated that he was never pressured, and, perhaps most importantly, never knew of the withholding of aid. And President Trump did not yell “Biden!” eight times but merely stated his name once, in regard to 2016 election interference (which, until Robert Mueller’s report, was a very important thing to Democrats). Adam Schiff had lost control of the information, and then he lost control of the narrative.


This is why the current phase of the never-ending impeachment crusade must be conducted in secrecy. The Democrat drive to dethrone a duly elected President will instantly fall apart in the light of day. General Westmoreland elaborated on his aforementioned statement, “this country cannot pursue a war unless the American people are in overwhelming support”. The same can be said for impeachment. The same was said by both Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff prior to the current cloud of secrecy.

Speaker Pelosi and Congressman Schiff both know that, absent overwhelming support, they cannot move forward, and if they do not have total control over the information, they will not have overwhelming support. Thus, they have created the darkness in which democracy dies. The Democrats recognize that, if the Trump-Zelensky call was about 2016 interference, the narrative falls apart. If the call was about other European countries helping Ukraine, the narrative falls apart. If President Zelensky never knew of the withholding of aid, by definition, pressure could not have been exerted, and the narrative falls apart.

Pelosi and Schiff are keeping the hearings closed, partisan, and hidden because they cannot afford to let the American public see what they see. They must, if they are to preserve their dream of impeachment, control all of the information, so that they can selectively set the narrative. They have come to recognize what General Westmoreland asserted decades ago. That, without censorship, they cannot control the narrative, and they cannot push impeachment to a weary American public if they cannot control the narrative. Hence their need to censor what the American people see.


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