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A Lady’s Work is Never Done

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“And all our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to dusty death.” — Shakespeare, Macbeth

The lust for power is not new to humanity in the 20th/21st century. It certainly is not new in the history of politics. Every great civilization’s arts and literature deal with this universal theme of corruption among the powerful. Not everyone can be a Cincinnatus or a George Washington. Every civilization has its Darth Vader or Macbeth — or Lady Macbeth, if the pump shoe fits.


I continue to be stunned by how many Americans do not see the corruption surrounding the handling of the attack of the consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the subsequent cover up. Admitting that our government failed our people abroad in service to our country may be painful for some Americans, but Ambassador Chris Stevens and his security team at the Libyan consulate were our people, and we did not make the slightest effort to help them. I refer to “we," because we elect our political leaders. We have that priviledge, and when we do not hold them accountable, we make ourselves irrelevant.

For a reminder of what happened at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, September 11, 2012, and why that attack is under investigation, see this.

How many Americans would be willing to serve our country knowing that they very possibly could be abandoned when it is personally convenient for our political leaders. When our elected leaders effectively say, “Your lives are not important,” we should reply with “Your political career is over” or “You are going to prison,” whichever is applicable.

Trustworthiness is the most crucial criterion for any government official, elected or appointed. Let us elect leaders who value us and will not abandon us when we are risking our safety for the good of the country. Let’s say to Hillary Rodham Clinton, “You are not trustworthy. Your political career is over.”


The list of lies, obfuscations, and venalities are endless for the Clintons, so let’s focus on just the past three years of the Benghazi scandal.

Gobs of news reports and speeches have President Obama, Susan Rice, and Clinton lying about the cause of the attack and having knowledge in advance that the consulate was in danger. An innocent man was arrested and imprisoned, without cause, because the government said he incited a revolt in Libya with a video he made in California.

Clinton claims that she does not know what access investigators had to her private email server. Bold lie. She deleted the most sensitive outside the 30,000 emails she released. If your political career and life’s work are on the line, do you dump the emails about the petty or the ones that could lead to felony charges?

The Congressional hearings were not simply about Clinton, as much as she and her husband think they are the stars on the world stage admist poor players that strut and fret. We would not be having these hearings if the State Department and the White House had done their jobs, and then followed up properly when it was obvious that they didn't follow proper procedures to protect the consulate. There is no way getting around the fact that Clinton and Obama failed out of incompetence, and now they are determined to cover it up at all costs. Both had/have presidential elections at risk. That is the political angle, not the Congressional Oversight Committee’s investigation.


These hearings would have been completed over a year ago if Clinton, again, had followed proper protocol. She is good at stalling and obstructing, so if people are upset at the money spent on this investigation, then she can reimburse us with the millions that her husband earned through State Department connections.

Clinton claims to have made herself very clear that she took responsibility for the failed security of the Libyan consulate. Taking responsibility for gross negligence would mean resignation. Clinton would never sacrifice her political amibitions by doing what is right. So, how has she taken responsibility?

News commentators praised Clinton for her poise and presidential demeanor. Clinton looked annoyed. If arrogantly annoyed is presidential, Clinton is the ideal candidate. Her body language and facial expressions revealed her disdain for this Congressional committee. The Clintonian lack of conscience and her personal lack of remorse were, again, displayed.

No amount of evidence will evoke an expression of guilt from her. A Clinton will NEVER admit guilt. The Clintons are incapable of expressing guilt, because that would require a moral compass, and we know they dropped theirs decades ago into the Sea of Arkansas Politics. All this controversey and tragedy could have been avoided easily if Lady Clinton had simply followed State Department protocol, provided the extra security that Stevens had requested for months, or admitted that placing the consulate in the volatile area was a mistake and closed it before Americans were killed.


By the way, Lady Clinton, to-morrow no amount of Oxyclean will get out those damn’d spots.

*”To-morrow” spelling is intentional for the Macbethian metaphor.

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