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On March 21, shortly before leaving for his NATO summit in Europe, President Joe Biden told the Business Roundtable about "a new world order out there, and we've got to lead it." Unlike so many of Biden's other jaw-dropping comments made before, during and after the summit, nobody raced to "clean up" or "correct" this one. White House, State Department and Pentagon officials and staffers tried to set the record straight about sending the 82nd Airborne into Ukraine, regime change in Russia and an "in-kind" response if Russia used chemical weapons against Ukraine, and other Biden gaffes.


Yet no Washington or media elites tried to "walk back" Biden's "new world order" comment. Why? Because far-left globalists have been pressing for a new world order since 1940, when prolific British writer H.G. Wells published his nonfiction work, "The New World Order."

In it, Wells, author of "The War of The Worlds," advocated a "collectivist," scientifically planned, global government to protect "human rights." Today, the phrase "new world order" is code for a planet with no national boundaries, where the Green New Deal is global policy and a utopian, socialist, one-world government controls all.

The world may indeed be moving toward a new world order, but it's not the one Biden and his fellow leftists envision. Because of our president's ineptitude, weakness and feckless leadership, his new world order is one in which the United States is the big loser and our adversaries become the big winners.

By allowing himself to be controlled, manipulated and scripted by the far left, Biden's new world order is one where the U.S. suffers spiraling inflation, undependable, unaffordable energy, second-class status on the world stage, out-of-control crime, increasing racial discord, food shortages, supply chain tie-ups and millions of immigrants illegally flooding our country.

In Biden's new world order, our federal government will dictate whether Americans must foreswear fossil fuels while our "elites" fly around in private jets -- without wearing masks. The Bidenistas apparently believe we will allow the left to pack the Supreme Court, federalize voting laws, eliminate the electoral college and -- lest we forget -- replace traditional energy sources with wind, solar and battery power. Do they really believe the eco-loons can control how hard the wind blows and how long the sun shines?


In the Biden new world order, the Peoples' Republic of China will remain ascendent in economic and military power. Through its global Belt and Road Initiative, the PRC will soon attain control over the world's most precious mineral resources and seize control over Taiwan's invaluable scientific microchip production.

Despite the genocide being perpetrated by Russia in Ukraine, Moscow still intends to use its fossil fuel to control Europe, facilitating a nuclear-armed Iran in threatening Israel, our Euro-allies and our homeland while preventing Ukraine from winning against Vladimir Putin. Biden's pusillanimous vision of a new world order should not be America's future. We can still turn our country around before it goes over the cliff behind our bumbling, cognitively impaired, ethically miasmic and timorous president. Preventing the Biden administration's dreams of a new world order from coming to fruition is still possible, but it will require a "regime change" in Washington.

Conservative patriots must retake the House of Representatives and Senate in November 2022 and the White House in 2024. But gaining power and exercising it decisively in America's best interests are two different propositions. Control of the House, Senate and White House must be exercised by strong-willed, determined patriots with the courage of Ukraine's freedom fighters -- men and women who will stand up to biased media frauds who are lapdogs of the left, Big Tech ideologues and embedded bureaucrats. Can we do it? Stay tuned.



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