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Open Letter to President Obama – Your Legacy of Political Correctness

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Dear Mr. President,

I listened with interest to your final State of the Union address.

By virtue of the benefits of huge sacrifices that previous Americans have made, the President of the United States is also the President of the world.

That is to say: even though I am not an American, for the last seven years, you have been my President, too.

In your address, you went to extraordinary lengths to shape your legacy.

You promised the world, but all you gave us was Cuba and ISIS.

Thank you for not keeping our world safe. Mr. President, there are many people outside of America that do not sleep well at night because of you. They’re in fear of their safety.

Your leadership has left America weaker and more divided than ever. You’ve now placed America in a desperate race to become Europe.

Mr. President, while many of your predecessors may have been liberals, you have the distinction of being America’s first politically-correct President.

You have sold an unyielding agenda of "politically correct" hostility against every good and noble value wrought from the forge of your country’s Founders. You uprooted the foundation of America.

You’ve pitted blacks against whites. You’ve elevated non-issues and diminished real threats. You have positioned yourself as a high priest of climate change but an atheist on Islamic jihadism.

Rather than acknowledge and name the world’s greatest threat – Islam – you have been its public relations manager. Rather than say that when there are so many bad oranges, we must look at the orchard – you have told us the orchard must never be spoken of.

Anyone who you felt disagreed with you – ideological opponents, your voters, world leaders - you went out of your way to belittle.

This ambience of political correctness has left decent, hardworking, family oriented Main Street America feel marginalized. You’ve taken away their swagger.

Even during your State Of The Union address, you highlighted several special guests, including a Syrian refugee, a former illegal immigrant, a gay marriage advocate, and an empty chair, to symbolize gun violence victims. In doing so, you showcase your ‘disconnect’ to reality. Your inability to see the real picture has left the world in a dangerous position. Although your guests might be fine individuals, what they represent is not fine.

You’ve engendered a culture where Americans and people right around the world in free countries don’t feel comfortable in expressing an opinion. You’ve empowered the types of people who should never have been given that opportunity.

You’ve sought to defame American exceptionalism and its advocates at every point. Rather than enjoying the benefits of huge sacrifices that Americans have made, you seemingly give American power away in a fire-sale.

We are paying a heavy price for your decisions. We now know what the world looks like with an absent America: vast refugee flows, catastrophic humanitarian disaster, and evil world leaders throwing their weight around.

You’ve been very successful in creating orthodoxies the world didn’t need, such as gay marriage and a culture of complaint. In your seven years, the world has embraced almost every left-wing stereotype and made it mainstream.

Your feckless leadership and misplaced passion only legitimized European leaders’ poor decisions. Would a German Chancellor have let in over 1 million Russian refugees in a Reagan world environment?

Critically, Mr. President, under the tenor you set, civil society no longer conducts rational, cool-headed conversations. Instead, it has been usurped by a crude marketplace of outrage and a new victimhood movement.

In sum, you have managed to dissemble the United States of America. There now most certainly is a red America, a blue America, and it is better called the “Divided States of America”. Out of what was one, there are now many.

Contrary to your observations otherwise in your address, Sir, your legacy of political correctness has diminished America severely in the world.

From “Yes, we can”, we must now say – “No, we didn’t”.

Yours Faithfully,

Nick Adams

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