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We’re here, the final hours of the 2012 Presidential campaign.  It’s D-Day, Judgment day and Super Bowl Sunday all rolled into one.  To me, this campaign season has seemed to be the longest I can remember.  Maybe my memory is fading, but I can’t remember a campaign as hard fought as this one.  Yes, the Bush, Gore election of 2000 was aggressively fought and the battle of the “hanging chads” seemed to go on forever, but somehow it worked itself out and our country righted itself in a couple of months.


I’m not so sure about this election.  The division between the parties cuts so deep and is so close to hitting a vital organ that I wonder if we will accept the result and come together as a country like we always have.  Usually both parties have differences, but they have always had a common ground.  No matter what your stand on social issues, the safety and security of the United States was highlighted on both sides.  It always seemed that no matter who took the reins, Democrat or Republican, their loyalty was to the country and its people.

Like I said, I’m not so sure about this election.  Yes, I am a conservative and align myself with the Republican Party even though there are some issues that I disagree with.  I see Romney as the obvious choice because he has the track record and fortitude to get this country out of the mess it is in.  We gave Obama a chance.  He had four years to at least make SOME sort of progress, but the numbers don’t lie, we are in worse shape than when he took office, and our foreign policy is in shambles.

My biggest concern however, is one that the media has all but blacked out and refused to even acknowledge.  Benghazi.  To me, this is the issue that should concern Americans more than anything else. The economy can be fixed, but deceiving the American people cannot.  Day by day more information is dripping out about how that situation went down and it is looking increasingly like both the State Department and the Executive Branch (Hillary and Obama) knew what the story was within the first few hours of the attack.  They knew Americans were dying and they did nothing to stop it.  There is concrete evidence uncovered showing that security was lacking and these people were begging for help for months.


The blatant lies and diversion about the video has been presented to the American people for weeks and still no one has come clean on anything.  When an administration does something like this, there is no excuse and Americans should not tolerate it.

So why is this such a close race in the final hours?  The polls have it dead even and give Obama an advantage in the Electoral College.  Are people not concerned that their President and leaders blatantly lied to them and watched as fellow Americans were killed?  Do they honestly believe the words of Obama that Al Qaeda is on the run?  Words that he repeats even today on the campaign trail?  Are they so blinded by ideology that they will overlook the most important element in electing a President: trust?

This is a far bigger scandal than Watergate, yet the press was all over that.  And as titillating as it was, the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal pales in comparison.  NO ONE DIED in those situations. 

Today we have four Americans that needlessly died.  Why did they die?  If it was gross incompetence on behalf of this administration then they should admit it and suffer the consequences whatever they may be.  The worst case scenario would be if it was for political gain.  If the leaders of our country perpetrated this cover-up in order to win re-election then we as a country are in deep, deep trouble.


If we cannot depend on the honesty and integrity of the people that we put into office at the highest level to protect us and guide us, then we truly have lost everything.

In my heart I don’t believe that any of our former Presidents would have allowed anything like this to happen.  I believe that every one of them would have acted immediately and done whatever it took to save American lives.  I doubt that they would have left a Navy Seal standing on a rooftop fighting for his life hoping that someone would provide backup.

How can people not see the clear choice on Tuesday?  Mitt Romney has our back and you know that he will answer the call and make the right decisions.  He has done it before in his life and even according to Bill Clinton has a stellar track record.

Obama has shown that he is more interested in holding on to power no matter what it takes. For him to jet off to a fundraiser in Las Vegas the night four Americans were killed in a terror attack says it all.  If indeed this all comes out and we find that he had knowledge of all of this from the start, it might be too late.  It’s already too late for four Americans who were needlessly sacrificed.  If after all the dust settles we find out that this administration DID know and covered it up what do we do? 


If Obama is re-elected, it will be too late.  We may be the next sacrifice.

Morgan Brittany


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