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The down and dirty Chicago politics are in high gear and once again we were told that it was coming.  Rahm Emanuel who told us to “never let a crisis go to waste” is one of the original architects of the Obama demolition machine.  Remember Obama’s famous words in the last election; “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”?  They didn’t bring a gun; they’ve brought a rocket launcher.

This latest ad put out by a Democrat Super-Pac against Mitt Romney is basically accusing him of killing a woman due to the Bain takeover of the company her husband worked for.  This ad is not only an out and out lie, but it crossed the line in the sand giving campaigns free rein to say anything they want.  This seems to be the way that Obama and the Democrats want to play.  Not only is Romney being smeared, but a very disturbing ad was put out on Allen West recently.  It showed him stealing money and punching white women and West calls it racist.  It has always been this way with campaigns slamming campaigns, but somehow this has reached a new low.

So, this is the way it is going to be.  How many times do you let the school bully pummel you into the ground without standing up and punching back?  It’s time for Mitt Romney to do just that. 

In our world of quick sound bytes and rapid news cycles, negative words get attention.  The average person doesn’t have time to sit down and research everything that is spewed from the media to make sure that it is true.  The media knows this and so do the writers of political ads so they use it to their advantage.  If a smear or lie is told, you need to knock it out, counter it with the truth before it takes on a life of its own.

Perhaps it’s because Mitt Romney is a man who has lived with privilege most of his life.  This is not to say that he hasn’t worked hard and achieved success, but it does speak to the fact that he never really had to get into a street brawl where there are no rules.  He is running his campaign like a gentleman, trying to be “fair” and that just isn’t going to work.  We did see a bit of grit in the primaries when the campaign took out Gingrich and it worked.

Romney and his campaign have to remember that the majority of Americans have NOT come from privilege; they have fought and struggled, gone against all odds to start a business or get an education and raise a family, most without any help or safety net.  These Americans want to see a leader that they can stand behind and support, who understands that sometimes you have to get tough and bloody.  They want to see a fighter who can stand up for America domestically as well as abroad.  We have had enough of Obamas “apology tours”, we don’t want this country to be perceived as weak anymore.  We do however; need someone who can stand up to bullies.  We need someone who can make Iran think twice about utilizing nuclear weapons, we need someone who can stand up to anyone wanting to destroy our way of life.

Romney has pretty much solidified his base, especially now with the selection of Paul Ryan as his VP choice.  It is safe to say that the Republican/conservative vote is secure.  Most likely the Tea Party vote will be on board because of Ryan as well.  The Independents are the key issue right now and I think if Romney shows that he has the backbone to stand up nose to nose with Obama and not back down to his lies, he can win them over.  Every time Romney gets tough and shows strength his poll numbers go up; that should be hammered home to his advisors.

The country is in such chaos right now because we don’t have a leader.  All of the lofty goals of the Obama administration have evaporated in the light of day and we are like a ship at sea with a captain that is lost and inept.  That is the reason so many Americans have lost their confidence.  No one is there to shine the light and lead the way out of this mess.  It’s time for someone tough and strong to step up to the plate.

Mitt Romney will never be a “thug”.  It just isn’t in his nature.  No one is asking him to be that.  All we want is a leader who respects us, listens to us and leads us with confidence and strength.  The country rallied behind Ronald Reagan when he got tough with the Soviet Union.  They stood behind George W. Bush when he vowed to get those responsible for killing 3,000 of our citizens.  We all felt that strength during those times and it pulled us all together as a nation.  That spark of strength has been lacking these past few years.  Instead of strength, we have felt defeated and weak. 

Now is the time for Mitt Romney to identify with everyone who has ever faced down a bully and come out on top.  He needs to show everyone that he won’t just stand and turn the other cheek.  And even if he does it quietly, he has to show America that there is steel in that spine.



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