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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

With the election of Joe Biden, Democrats and their supposedly anti-war base now own the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, and any other military conflicts which suddenly appear in the near future.


President Trump spent the last four years trying to end those wars while successfully keeping the United States out of new conflicts. For his efforts, he was called a fascist, an asset of Russia, and a traitor to America. 

Trump brokered historic peace deals throughout the Middle East, yet Democrats and their agents in the media repeatedly called him a threat to democracy.

As a United States Senator from Delaware, Joe Biden voted for the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War. As Vice President under Obama, Biden said these wars would end and the troops would come home. 

Now Biden is going to be the president of the United States, and his promise as VP almost a decade ago is still unfulfilled. He voted for the wars as a senator, failed to stop them as a vice president, and will now preside over them as a president. 

Trump was trying to end this but Democrats stopped his efforts by replacing him with Joe Biden who has been part of the problem all along. Democrats now own these wars.

Do you remember the days when Code Pink activists would somehow be sneaked into hearings on Capitol Hill and thrust their freshly red-painted palms into the faces of national security figures? Those days are over.


Under President George W. Bush, Democrats and their activist base made an industry out of the anti-war movement. Now that they voted for Joe Biden, the only 2020 candidate who voted to support these wars, they own them.

Anyone who has ever claimed to oppose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and voted for Joe Biden in 2020, should never be taken seriously ever again. This is true for high ranking Democrats, people in liberal media, Michael Moore, Code Pink, and any of your annoying anti-Trump friends on Facebook who insist to this day that they oppose war.

For anyone who doesn’t remember, the anti-war movement that flourished under Bush, evaporated the day Obama was sworn in as president in 2009. Members of Code Pink were even present at his inauguration, but things didn’t work out as planned.

Instead of ending the wars as promised, Obama turned out to be Bush-Lite. The same people who called Bush a war criminal suddenly had nothing to say about Obama killing American citizens with drones, or starting a new conflict in Libya that led to a renewed industry of slavery there.

Joe Biden was standing by for all of this, but Democrats expect you to ignore that. Joe Biden, who opposed the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden, is now going to make everything right in the world, according to America’s top thinkers at the DNC and their unofficial public relations teams at CNN and MSNBC.


Trump was trying to end the wars and was called a fascist. Biden voted for the wars and is welcomed by the professional left as America’s savior. They know what’s best for America, just ask them.

Democrats and their allies in the media just elected the only person who voted for the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War. They should be reminded of this every single day.

George W. Bush is no longer available as a scapegoat. Obama did not deliver on his promise to end the wars. Trump tried to solve the problem and was cast aside. 

Democrats are left with Joe Biden, and when it comes to wars in the Middle East, he is the last man standing.

He voted for it, and if you voted for him, you now own it.

Enjoy the bed you have made for yourselves.


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