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One of my conservative friends recently suggested that leftist professors should be prohibited from putting political posters and bumper stickers on their office doors. I strongly disagreed and told him I would defend the leftists if he ever tried to interfere with their political speech. But I wouldn’t do it for reasons of principle. I would do it because I enjoy the wealth of good writing material supplied by my more extreme left wing colleagues – most of them self-described feminists. A case in point is the recent poster that is making its way onto so many faculty office doors on campuses across America. In case you haven’t seen one, here is the exact wording of the poster:






It’s hard to comprehend so much idiocy crammed into such a small space. So just in case you missed some of the more intellectually herniated nuances, let me break them down for you. In just five lines, the leftist professor sporting this sign manages to call attention to five distinct things about her character, her professionalism, and her worldview. They follow in no particular order of importance:

  • She really isn’t looking to bring refugees and immigrants into her office; she is looking to bring like-minded disciples into her classes. This poster is just one way of letting students know that a leftist who teaches politicized classes for white middle class social justice warriors occupies the office. Those are the people she is really trying to attract – not refugees and immigrants. If you doubt the veracity of my claim then just put it to the test. The next time you see such a poster on a professor’s door, go find a homeless immigrant. Then pay him to ask the professor to let him sleep in her office over night. She’ll probably call the university police and have him deported from the campus “community” in a matter of minutes.
  • There is no Muslim ban but the professor is too misinformed to know it (or ms-informed if she is a feminist). Her assertion that she does not ban Muslims is posted to remind everyone that she is morally superior to those who do support the Muslim ban. But there is no Muslim ban. Therefore, she is morally superior to no one. She is just an angry zealot protesting things that are probably too complex for her to understand.
  • She locks her doors instead of adopting an open borders practice in her day-to-day living. Recently, I tried to do one of these professors a favor by letting her know that there really isn’t a ban on Muslims entering America. So I went to her office and knocked on her door. But she hadn’t yet arrived at work.  After I knocked, I checked the door to her office and noticed it was locked. I also noticed that the walls of her office are made of impenetrable cinder blocks. I don’t know how all those refugees and immigrants will find shelter if she keeps locking her doors while she is away. Maybe I’m cynical, but I suspect that she has deadbolt locks on the doors of her house, too.
  • She works in a profession lacking diversity. The first time I saw one of those silly posters on a professor’s door I decided to do a little research. The poster says that her “communities stand tall.” By that, she must mean they are “tolerant” and “inclusive.” Yet going to her department webpage revealed a different story. A cursory examination of the page showed that every full professor, tenured associate professor, and untenured assistant professor in her department is white. Furthermore, after searching diligently, I couldn’t find a single registered Republican in her department.
  • She is a mouthpiece for Marxist propaganda. The logo on her poster really says it all. Anyone who uses this Soros-funded propaganda website as a means of staying “informed” is a willfully uneducable Marxist. She could have chosen to criticize regimes that are so oppressive they must build walls to keep citizens inside their own countries against their will. Instead, she criticizes countries that are so desirable they must build walls to keep citizens from other countries out. In other words, she is too blinded by utopian notions of cosmic justice to bridge the gap between economic theory and historical reality.

In a nutshell, these posters perform the valuable public service of alerting impressionable youths as to the whereabouts of uninformed, hypocritical zealots posing as objective educators. When students see them on a door they should not bother knocking. The lights are off, no one is home, and it’s better to just move on.

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