Subsidized by Hate

Posted: Jul 15, 2009 12:00 AM

The last six years of my life have been among the most rewarding of my 44 years on this planet. A big reason for that is my relationship with the fine people at Writing for Town Hall and appearing on radio shows like Dennis Prager, Bill Bennett, and Mike Gallagher has really helped advance my fight against political correctness on our nation’s campuses. But, unfortunately, as of today, my relationship with must come to an end.
The environment in which I work – higher education – is morally bankrupt. Professors flippantly level false accusations of rape against students at their own institutions then refuse to condemn one of their own, simply because he is gay. Professors routinely violate the First Amendment freedoms of others and then pretend to be supporters of free speech when a fellow professor wishes to display child pornography in a public space. And professors routinely characterize the death of Matthew Shepard as a hate crime while refusing to do the same with the death of Jesse Dirkhising – simply because his killers were homosexuals.

Because I work in such a morally corrupt environment I am often put in the position of writing about some very disturbing things. Two days ago, I wrote a column called “Jesse Dirkhising Day.” The column included graphic details of the rape and murder of young Jesse – details that were too graphic to be printed on This decision has led directly to my decision to start publishing exclusively for my own website, where you can read an uncensored version of “Jesse Dirkhising Day.”

My decision is not meant, in any way, to criticize or any of its editors. It simply reflects an unavoidable reality; namely, that our institutions of higher education have become so profane that it is impossible to cover them on a popular commercial website.
My website is different. It is funded solely by feminists, gay activists, and assorted political leftists. Since that may sound counterintuitive, please let me explain.
On April 30th, my speech at UMASS-Amherst was interrupted repeatedly by protestors. This is commonplace at UMASS, which has among the rudest, and, arguably, least intelligent leftists of any American campus. But my response to leftists has always been one that focuses on humor, rather than anger.
When I returned from Massachusetts my good friend Jimmy Weaver of Point Blank Advertising found a way to capitalize on the hate. That’s when he thought of the “I Hate Mike Adams” bumper sticker campaign. I didn’t think it would be effective but I was wrong.
The idea was to set up a table and sell the bumper stickers to protestors who come to disrupt my speeches. We figured we could get a conservative student to sell the stickers at a table with a big “I HATE MIKE ADAMS” logo draped across the front. We were betting that most of the protestors would be too stoned to realize that they were actually funding my website with the profits - $1 per bumper sticker - derived from their own anger.

At my first speech, I managed to get rid of 100 “I Hate Mike Adams” stickers in just twenty minutes. The campaign has been a huge success. Capitalism is a beautiful thing!
When protestors showed up at my UMASS speech with a giant “F*** Mike Adamz” sign I asked them two questions: 1) “Did you know that you spelled Mike Adams wrong?” and 2) “What group do you guys represent?”
When the protestors told me they represented the “UMASS Coalition Against Hate” I laughed heartily. Should the “Coalition against Hate” be holding a giant sign with the F-word? Or should they instead be holding a giant sign saying “F*** Irony”?
Regardless, my writing career is no longer being funded by conservatives. It’s being funded by a clueless coalition of angry leftists. So, now, I can be as offensive as I like. Can I interest anyone in a bumper sticker?
I’m kidding about discontinuing my column at I’m just going to move the horrendous details of this story to my site at where feminists, gay activists, and assorted political leftists can support my writing.