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Posted: Sep 08, 2008 12:00 AM

Last Thursday, at 1:58 p.m. EST, I received an email message from a bi-sexual reverend from West Virginia. In the text following the subject, “You're a con man,” the queer preacher had this to say:

Your recent "Fat Lesbians on Crack" piece is an example of grossly irresponsible rhetoric that serves ideology, not mental health. It is appalling to me that someone with your lack of intelligence and indifference to professional consensus is actively employed in a teaching role.

I am always delighted when I get moral advice – especially on human sexual relationships - from people who reside in West Virginia. As a native of Mississippi, I find it best to climb up the moral latter one rung at a time. If I move up too quickly my fear of heights could be enough to make me forget all about my fear of queer preachers from West Virginia.

(Author’s Note: When I called the bi-sexual reverend from West Virginia, he said he was not gay but “queer” – specifically a bi-sexual who rejects “essentialist notions of gayness.”)

And I’m also glad whenever I’m lectured about “professional consensus” by queer preachers from West Virginia. Those who actually read my “Fat Lesbians on Crack” piece remember that it was about a counselor who was fired from her job because of her objections to homosexuality. That is exactly how this “consensus” that homosexuality is not a mental illness is emerging in the counseling profession. Radical homosexual activists are simply having all the people who hold a contrary view fired.

Read the next line of the queer preacher’s email for a good example:

A counselor who objects to homosexuality per se is an unqualified counselor, one dominated by irrational biases and certain to cause greater harm.

So, what did the queer preacher mean when he said it is “appalling” that one with such “indifference to professional consensus” is “actively employed in a teaching role”? He meant that after the gays fire all of the counselors who do not agree with homosexuality they should commence to fire all the teachers who do not recognize as legitimate the “consensus” they created by firing people.

Of course, before signing off, Reverend Dr. Stewart had a few words to say about theology as well:

Sounds more like the intrusion of false religion--an intrusion whose graver consequence is the substitution of textual authoritarianism for authentic spiritual experience. It is irresponsible in either a clinical or pastoral context.

(Rev) Christopher B. Stewart, PhD

When the queer preacher warns against substituting “textual authoritarianism” for “authentic spiritual experience” here is what he is saying: It is fun to take out the parts of the Bible you don’t like and substitute your own personal feelings.

Obviously, what queer preachers like the Reverend Dr. Stewart really want is to play the role of God. And when the queer preacher speaks of the irresponsibility of “textual authoritarianism” in the “pastoral context” you know this is precisely what he means: After we fire all of the counselors and teachers who disagree with us, we will target the preachers who disagree with us, too.

Of course, the queer preacher from West Virginia was not going to confine himself to just writing me one nasty little missive. He had to write all of the professors in my department as well as everyone in the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences to suggest that I should be fired from UNCW. Here’s the full text of his email – written under the subject line “Mike Adams’ hate speech insults UNC”:

I trust you are aware of the egregiously misinformed hate speech of Mike S. Adams, a UNC faculty member in Criminology. Is this the sort of university representative you take pride in? I hope this dinosaur hasn't got tenure--it's a shame he's teaching at all.

Christopher B. Stewart, PhD

There is no mention of how I was “misinformed” about the Alliance Defense Fund lawsuit that was the subject of the now infamous “Fat Lesbians on Crack” article. Nor is there any attempt to explain how my defense of a black woman who has lost her job at the hands of the Gaystapo constitutes “hate speech.” I guess it just means he hates to hear me speak.

Of course, this tenured dinosaur from North Carolina is not going to be intimidated by a queer preacher from West Virginia. In fact, I plan to write him this afternoon to tell him where to insert his textual authoritarianism. And I hope you’ll join me in writing the queer preacher to let him know that Americans are getting sick and tired of the Gaystapo and its Nazi tactics.

After I’m done writing I plan to make a donation to the Boy Scouts of America. Then I’ll roast a weenie in Christopher Stewart’s honor.

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