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Conservative women, a group that’s been under assault for years, has a new champion. Let me tell you why that’s so important in today’s political climate.

For decades, particularly on college campuses, conservative women have been ridiculed, demeaned, verbally and physically attacked, and marginalized. Consider the experiences of these college women:

“I was very active in a conservative college group … after the student organization fair, I was holding a campaign yard sign... as I got in line for dinner… a student sitting at the table directly next to me looked at the sign and said “get it out of my sight before I decide to punch you.”

“Our professor assigned a research paper with vague instructions: write ten pages on a topic you are passionate about. I signed up to write about abortion... As instructed, the paper was 99% research based, with only the last paragraph reflecting my opinion. I received such a low grade on the paper, in stark contrast to those I had received the rest of the semester, that I scheduled an appointment with my professor… unfortunately, the meeting just became an attack by him on my personal beliefs.”

At the Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women, we hear stories like these every single day. We know how discouraging it can be for conservative women to feel isolated and invisible. That’s why we work every day to mentor and support young conservative women, providing them with the information and courage they need to stand up for their beliefs. And that’s why we were so excited to see the emergence of a new group of trailblazing politicians fighting the same fight – a new champion for conservative voices on Capitol Hill.

Just like on college campuses, Capitol Hill seems to shine the spotlight on liberal women to the exclusion of conservative voices. The mainstream media gushes over “The Squad” and acts as if these are the only female voices in Congress.

Not so! Representative-elect Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11), upon her recent arrival to Washington, D.C., has formed the “Freedom Force.” The founding members of the group are all immigrants or descendants of immigrant parents. All but one are women, and they know first-hand the value of American freedom.

The Freedom Force wants to preserve and protect American values. Take Freedom Force member Representative-elect Victoria Spartz (IN-5), an immigrant from Ukraine, a businesswoman, and former State Senator. She strongly advocates for limited government, having grown up in Socialist Ukraine with low quality healthcare. Her father died at a very young age in that system. These experiences combined with the freedom and beauty of America confirmed for her that socialism is not the path forward.

Another Freedom Force member, Representative-elect Michelle Steel (CA-48), immigrated to America with her mother and two sisters when she was 19 years old. Her family moved to the United States to seek their own version of the American Dream. Despite living in “the land of opportunity,” Steel watched her hardworking, single mom fight the crushing tax burden she faced as a business owner. Steel realized lower taxes are the best policy for small-business owners. She believes that radical Leftist leaders are destroying the population they say they care about. Steel flipped a seat red in the recent election, as voters agreed with her heartfelt message. Steel says, “I want to conserve what we have in this country for future generations.”

Freedom Force members all faced the Leftist machine of personal attacks plus an influx of liberal funding. Steel believes the attacks leveled against them were specifically to silence conservative voices and opinions because the Left “wanted to monopolize women and minorities.”

We salute the formation of The Freedom Force and the courage of its members. Our nation needs the Freedom Force, and we will support and cheer them on as they fight for a better American future for everyone.

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