There is Hope For America

Posted: Jun 30, 2013 12:01 AM

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of this great nation, we find ourselves increasingly overwhelmed by political, judicial, and even church leaders who are dragging her down into an abyss like we have never seen before.

In our darkest moments as a nation, we have always relied on our moral foundation to keep us from falling too far. Although past leaders may have personally failed both morally and ethically, our foundation was solid.

But now, leaders are weaving their own moral and ethical blindness into the laws of the land. They are forsaking our moral foundation by rejecting God's law, so we have no one to stop us from free falling into a bottomless pit.

Today, God's moral foundations have been destroyed and His ethical gates have been burned to the ground.

This week's rulings by the US Supreme Court are now sealing the fate of our demise as a great moral nation.

Unlike the prophet Nehemiah, who acknowledged the consequences of Jerusalem's broken walls, we are not alarmed by our present vulnerability and departure from God.

The sad thing is that the next destination for a weak, vacillating, and confused nation is utter darkness. But I believe that even at this late hour we can have hope.

Believers need to seriously pray and petition the Lord to raise up leaders like Nehemiah, who will repent of their sin and the sin of our nation -- beginning with our pulpits, because this is where the problem began. Pastors have exchanged their highest calling for the lowest of worldly popularity and thus sold their birthright. As has been said, "As goes the pulpit, so goes the pew, and as goes the pew, so goes the nation."

Today, I call upon pastors to fall down on their knees with me in repentance of our own sins and the sins of our nation and trust that it is not too late for God to hear and answer from heaven.