Americans Should Learn from London

Posted: Aug 11, 2011 12:01 AM

Let America take a long, hard look at what is happening in London...then take a deep breath and learn a powerful lesson.

When anarchists and hooligans were trying to riot in Athens, Greece, most people rolled their eyes and said, "Oh, well, it is Greece." Wrong reaction! Be that as it may, now it is happening in a city and a country that is the closest to the U.S. in terms of history, culture, and alignment.

As we watch London burn, again, leftist politicians are blaming the conservative government's economic policies-adopted by their coalition government a little over a year ago. This is not unlike the leftists in America who came out in force last weekend to blame the "Tea Party" for the downgrade by the S& P.

From what I know about the "Tea Party" [not firsthand], they are a grassroots movement who want to halt the country's descent into a "Nanny state" of spending itself into oblivion. For that, they are being blamed for all of the ills that were created by reckless politicians.

Historically, whoever tries to bring sanity to a nation or a culture heading in the wrong direction will become the scapegoat. The very people who warn of the danger of senseless action by reckless policies become the victims.

Remember Nero?

When Christians brought the truth and the light of Christ to Rome with its convicting power against all of Rome's sin and immorality, the Christians got blamed for everything. False accusations are always levied on those who are messengers of truth to a world swimming in falsehoods.

In Britain, however, the combustion ignited in the streets of London did not happen overnight. For years, the British labor government, like a sugar-daddy, doled out very generous benefits to those who refused to work.

Some friends told me that those benefits were extended even to the multiple wives of Muslim immigrants, because only giving benefits to one wife would appear...well...discriminatory.

Given the severe economic realities of today, this 'open sesame' door began to slowly shut. Thus, it produced pent-up anger and the wrath of those who got used to these free giveaways.

But guess who the leftist politicians in England are blaming? Not the hooligans, not the anarchists, not even the previous government's reckless immigration and economic policies. No! They place the full blame squarely on the conservative government.

America must never succumb to the temptation of passing the blame and pointing fingers. That will only encourage the lawless to take advantage of the situation and cause chaos. Moreover, American exceptionalism must be proclaimed from the rooftops without shame, embarrassment or fear. It is American exceptionalism that brought millions of immigrants to this country, not just to share in her blessings, but also to share in her sacrifices. Unless this message is drummed into the hearts and souls of those who are encouraging a culture of dependence, we may follow London/England.

May God protect the United States of America.