The Racist, Segregationist, Democrat Party is Still Alive and Well

Posted: Dec 10, 2014 12:01 AM

The great Comrade Bill de Blasio (General Secretary Mayor of New York City) is such a post-racial guy, he’s making racial discrimination an official part of his new hiring process. According to the NYPost:

“Mayor Bill de Blasio has an opening on his personal security detail — and the candidate has to be black”

Lurking behind the American Left’s constant accusations of racism lies an unhealthy obsession over skin color. In fact, we have a name for people who are consumed by concerns over the racial makeup of other people: We call them “racists”.

Of course, how can de Blasio be racist? Not only is he one half of an interracial marriage, but he’s discriminating in favor of a black candidate for his security team… Clearly he’s just a concerned liberal trying to “level the playing field”. After all, I’m sure the Democrat Party’s 200 years of racism, modern day obsession with racial disparities, and constant implementation of race-based “social justice”, is merely part of a deeply emphatic altruism. Right?

“Black lives matter” chant the white UCLA liberals as they fund the construction of another Planned Parenthood abortion mill in the south side of Chicago. (Hmm… I guess only some black lives matter.) “Only cops should have guns” scream the inner-city gun control advocates, while they protest a police officer for using his gun to kill an unarmed black man. “Reparations for slavery” cry Sharpton disciples while the first Black President in American history meets with the millionaire behind closed doors.

Yeah… The American left is clearly the intellectually-honest defenders of racial justice. Heck, just look at the New Black Panther’s favorite prosecutor, Eric Holder:

School vouchers (which would do more to desegregate schools than any number of National Guardsmen) are routinely opposed by the self-proclaimed champion of racially-focused “social justice”. Holder has basically turned the elimination of voucher programs into an unofficial pastime for the Department of Justice. And Bill “hire-a-black-guy” de Blasio has been busy closing down the charter schools in NYC that offer young black kids a way out of the ghetto.

Of course, none of this should be too surprising. Segregation was always a Democrat Party objective… (By the way, did you hear about the “progressive” Ferguson protestors who demanded that demonstrations be segregated? Yeah… I’m sure the Confederate States of America would have been proud.) Segregation wasn’t just about making Rosa sit in the back of the bus, it was about conditioning the American public into believing that we must all be treated differently because of the pigmentation of our skin. And that racist foundation has never been completely erased from the Democrat Party. In fact, it is as strong today as ever.

The American left is convinced that black America is incapable of achievement without the helping hand of big government. Minorities are incapable of collegiate success without a little “affirmative action”, or specialized government grants, or low-interest loans for which the only real requirement seems to be that the borrower has a pulse (and even that isn’t set in stone).

But we’re supposed to applaud, swoon over, and admire the Great Comrade de Blasio for having the generosity to require a black security team member? (Are we supposed to believe that, without Bill’s requirement, a person of color would otherwise be incapable of filling such shoes?) Discrimination on the basis of skin color is, of course, the clinical definition of “evil” to modern progressives… unless it is utilized to give those poor incapable minorities a chance to be a part of some political photo op.

The truth is, the segregationist Democrat Party did not waive the white flag (wait… is that racist?) after the 1964 Civil Rights Act. They merely dreamed bigger. No longer are we segregated on public transportation, or in the military, or (officially) in schools; but we are segregated as a nation. Why is it that “black lives matter”? Why not all lives? Why are we so concerned about African American communities being confronted by an increasingly militarized police presence? Shouldn’t all races be concerned about the power of the state?

The continual focus on race among the Left is nothing more than a continuation of their segregationist past. Obama was not focused on bringing together communities after Ferguson caught fire, instead he spoke about the “inherent racism” of America. Holder isn’t interested in giving young black kids a chance to go to the same school as some middle class white kid. And Bill de Blasio isn’t interested in looking beyond race – in fact he’s focusing in on it like a laser.

So, wonderful and benevolent de Blasio, thank you so much for showing the black community compassion by engaging in a little politically-expedient race discrimination. (What a guy.)