Colorado Governor Goes Far Left in Nationwide Appeal to Gun-Grabbers

Posted: Sep 02, 2013 12:01 AM
Colorado Governor Goes Far Left in Nationwide Appeal to Gun-Grabbers

It never fails. Paint a Democrat into a corner (or let him do it to himself) and his true colors will start to show. The “moderate” and “reasonable” Democrat Governor of New-New-York (AKA: Colorado) has finally come out forcefully against the recall elections of some anti-gun members of the State Legislature. The two Democrat State Senators are facing recall attempts after they supported the recent slew of gun-control measures that were ultimately signed into law by Governor John Hickenlooper.

“These recall elections cost a small fortune and do nothing to improve democracy or representative government,” Hickenlooper wrote in a letter distributed by the Democrat National Committee. Nothing like preaching to the choir: Democrats have long complained about the cost of running government unless that cost is accrued as a consequence of Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid, social security, food stamps, TANF, unemployment, Public Sector Labor Unions, etc.. Heaven forbid government be forced to fund legitimate functions of representative governance.

The assertion seemed to be that we should be outraged government is expected to fund an electoral process requested by a petition of the people. Those pesky citizens: Demanding that their representatives actually represent their interests. Such concerns are obviously trivial, and not worthy of political action. After all, it’s not as if concerns over citizen representation was responsible for 13 colonies demanding independence back in the 1770’s. . . Right?

The Colorado Governor went on to suggest that the elections are merely attempts by a radical few to “intimidate and punish a select number of Democratic legislators for daring to vote their conscience”. Well. . . I guess facing the discord of a gun owning public certainly could be intimidating. Oh, and let’s not forget that more people signed the petition to recall John Morse (one of the two State Senators who are currently facing recall) than originally voted him into office. Is the Colorado Governor really suggesting that legislators should be free from reprimand as long as they feel that they voted “their conscience”?

The former Brewery owner then had the audacity to say that the legislation was truly inconsequential in the long run, given that it only places “modest restrictions on future sales of high capacity gun magazines.” Apparently, to Democrats, the outright ban of any transfer, sale, or future possession of any high capacity magazine is merely a “modest restriction.” By that logic, the petitioners who are trying to recall the Democrat State Senators are merely trying to “modestly restrict” the remainder of their terms.

But then, Hickenlooper became accidently comical: “We were only able to pass the law because Democratic legislators had the courage to stand up to outside special interests.” I don’t suppose the Democrat Governor, and former member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, considers Bloomberg’s $350,000 gift to the Colorado Democrats any sort of “outside special interest.” He must be referring to groups like Independence Institute (located in Denver, Colorado) which has decided to sue against some of the laws.

In addition to insulting concerned voters and decrying a legitimate political process, the Governor also recycled the tired case for his gun control bills. He mentioned how safe the world will be after placing the above-mentioned restrictions on high-capacity magazines. (Because, it’s pretty obvious that banning the 16th bullet in a high capacity magazine would somehow create a blissful land of security and safety.) He mentioned how“expanding background checks to cover all gun sales [will] prevent violent criminals from acquiring guns.”  I assume this gem is based off of the widely understood fact that criminals are notorious for following the laws, regulations, and “modest restrictions” that are placed on everyone else.

At one point the Governor even suggested that last year’s “5,000” denied gun applications prove background checks work. Having worked at gun dealerships, I can tell you that number includes “false denials” and “mistaken denials.” For those who have doubts about that claim, consider this: Out of the 76,000 denied applications nationwide in 2010, only 13 ended up being prosecuted. . . But, yeah: Making me run a background check on my best friend when I give them a gun for their birthday will completely stop criminals from obtaining illegal firearms.

The Governor’s Bloomberg-style understanding of gun issues aside, his “national appeal” via the Democrat party illustrates his liberal and authoritarian bent. Had the gun groups been abortion groups recalling Texas legislators, or labor groups recalling Wisconsin legislators, Democrats would be praising the “courage” of the citizens. Hickenlooper’s letter is merely an appeal to the Statists within the Democrat party.

Most egregious is the Governor’s decision to decry the recall efforts in a letter distributed by the National Democrat Party. Hickenlooper has shown that his interest in representing all Coloradoans is not nearly as important as accumulating support and respect among the increasingly left wing Democrat machine. His remarks were not crafted as an attempt to reach out to the discouraged voters who feel disenfranchised by their representatives. Instead, he crafted a letter to “outside interests” in an effort to inject national powers into the Colorado recall.

Hardly the actions of a “moderate” party member. If he’s not careful, the voters of Colorado may decide to place upon his future political plans “modest restrictions”.