Deja Cool: Zero People Attend Obama Climate Change Thing

Posted: Aug 14, 2013 12:01 AM

Remember that Organizing For America event, aimed at promoting the President’s signature piece of Legislation? Remember how only one person showed up? Well, one of the constants in life is that things can always get worse. President Barack Obama’s shadowy campaign apparatus, Organizing For America (OFA) held a recent event to raise awareness about climate change. . . Well, they tried to hold an event. It turns out no-one showed up.

Originally the event was scheduled to be held at the Georgetown Waterfront. Just to show that they were serious, the group called the rally the “Climate Change Day of Action” on their event page. “Action” quickly turned to inaction as the gathering ended up as a non-meeting of clearly uncommitted leftists.

In all fairness, there was some rain at the time of the event. You would think environmentalists would be willing to brave the elements of nature to nurture their cause. . . But I guess you’d be wrong. Between the one person that attended the Obamacare event, and the zero people that poured out for climate change, it looks like the group is hitting a nice average of 0.5 people per rally. Surprisingly decent for this President’s radical interests.

The NRCC blog, which originally reported on the less-than-stellar turn out, made the very poignant observation that “climate change” is generally a low priority for most voters anyway. Therefore, maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised that the get-together went down the drain with the rain water.

It’s also worth noting that the group, OFA, wasn’t about to let a disappointing turnout (I’m understating things, I know) tarnish their reputation as the President’s official-unofficial campaign organization. So, they took the event off their page. Just like George Orwell’s Propaganda Ministry, the OFA wiped clean any evidence that a failure of activism (or community organizing) had taken place. . . Oh, except we got a screen shot of the event page. You can copy the picture and share with your Facebook friends for a free IRS Audit.

While OFA’s recent failure to organize communities, and rally for the President’s leftist agenda, is humorous, it is also telling. It demonstrates an underwhelming enthusiasm for the President’s attempts to steer the conversation away from the economy. It illustrates a disappointing call to action in the liberal narrative. It also shows how little can really be accomplished by the left without paid SEIU protestors standing around.

Is very possible that a major reason for OFA’s recent failures, is that average citizens are far more interested in talking about the still failing economy, atrocious jobs market, and mandatory health insurance. The failed rally is worth noting, because it was a rally aimed at the least important issue among voters, citizens, and working families. OFA just learned that factoid in a tremendously embarrassing way.

It is also, however, quite possible that the environmentalists who were planning on attending, couldn’t quite make the trek in their spontaneously-combustible Chevy Volt.