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Look Who's Crying Now

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Look which party is blowing itself up now and struggling to unify behind a single candidate.

Hint: It's not the Republicans.

After all those months of worrying and complaining about having too many candidates, the GOP finally found its 2016 presidential candidate, for good and bad.

A couple weeks ago I said the Republican Party was in such sad shape it should use Leslie Gore's 1963 hit "It's my party" for its theme song.

The opening line -- It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to -- was a perfect description of how miserable conservative Republicans and the GOP establishment were at the prospect of having Donald Trump as their standard bearer.

Now the GOP is suddenly getting its act together and Donald Trump is looking stronger.

He has been picking up more support from the party establishment -- though it'll dry up real fast if he keeps sucker-punching Republican governors like Susana Martinez of New Mexico for no good reason.

Trump's poll numbers against Hillary are up.

He's already giving "Crooked Hillary" the same roughing up he gave his primary opponents.

He's exhuming subjects that she, her pretend husband Bill and their liberal media friends thought were buried decades ago in the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository.

Already the names of Bill's victims are coming back to haunt us - Jennifer, Paula, Juanita, Kathleen, Monica...

Trump will be repeating those names until November, whether Hillary, Big Media or squeamish Republicans like it or not.

For the next six months he'll do to Hillary what liberal journalists won't do because they've still in bed with the Clintons after 24 years.

He'll be hitting Hillary every day on Benghazi, her emails, her Wall Street speeches, her crooked foundation, her Senate record, her record as secretary of state, Whitewater, Vince Foster, her hairdos, her voice, etc., etc.

With Trump and Hillary's negative poll numbers being as high as they are, we might still see a third party candidate emerge to go after conservative Republicans and the NeverTrump/Anybody But Hillary voter.

Meanwhile, it's the Democratic Party that's gone to war with itself.

Bernie Sanders isn't giving up on his leftwing crusade to take down Hillary. He's got the money, the troops and the rage to make the Democratic convention an ugly battle scene.

America's most lovable socialist is pushing Hillary so far to the left she's about to fall in the Pacific Ocean. She'll never have time to swim back to the center.

Even MSNBC can see Hillary's whole campaign is a fiasco.

Apparently, she still hasn't watched the highlight reel of the Republican primary to see how Trump destroyed his attackers like they were monsters in a video game.

She's making the same stupid mistake they did. She's attacking him, which only makes him stronger with his base and lets Trump hit back even harder at her.

Hillary's campaign "style," if you can call it that, is so boring and scripted it's like she's teaching a chemistry class or reading for a poorly written part in a movie.

Everything she screeches at her pep rallies has been measured, weighed and poll-tested a dozen times until it's clichéd liberal mush.

She should let Elizabeth Warren or Larry David read her scripts from now on before half the country slips into a coma.

Trump needs to pick a perfect conservative VP candidate to allay the fears of the Paul Ryans in the GOP, offset his lack of experience and bring some grown-up gravitas to his political stand-up routine.

But nothing can save Hillary from herself.

My old girlfriend Leslie Gore had a follow-up hit to "It's My Party" that, if adapted slightly, describes where Mrs. Clinton is right now.

'Cause now it's Hillary's turn to cry

Hillary's turn to cry

Hillary's turn to cry

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