Barack Obama: Spending Czar

Posted: Jun 05, 2012 10:54 AM
Barack Obama: Spending Czar

The funniest part of the Obama campaign (so far) is the President’s laughable claim that “contrary to widespread belief, President Barack Obama is tightfisted with taxpayer dollars.”

Say it with me folks: HA HAH AHAAA!

But wait, there’s more! The President’s got 5 trillion of ’em. Like his claim that “federal spending since I took office has risen at the slowest pace of any president in almost 60 years.”

Ha! Ha ha!

Stop it, Obama – stop! You’re killin’ us! Or maybe you’re just killing the economy...

Where were we? Oh yes; the “Spending Czar in Chief” claiming that he’s tightfisted with taxpayer dollars.

Hilarious. To you and me. To Democrats, it’s cringe-inducing. They can’t believe the President would actually go on stage and deliver such hilarious material with a straight face. That’s why, instead of fanning out on the talk shows to amplify the President’s comedy routine, many once-sympathetic pundits and columnists are now covering their eyes, shaking their heads, and hoping for something to pop up in the news cycle to yank the President off stage, and off his ridiculous message track.

Like losing the Wisconsin recall election, or having Obamacare declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court – both of which would be less painful than watching President Obama making the ridiculous claim that he’s a frugal spender.

Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe the President’s jokes from the White House Correspondents’ Dinner got stuck on his teleprompter.

But now the laughter has died. The heckling has begun. And even the once-loyal White House correspondents have turned on him.

After George W. Bush delivered some genuinely, and intentionally, funny lines at the unveiling of his portrait at the White House, The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd admitted that “covering a humorous W. at the unveiling of his portrait, the White House press actually seemed nostalgic for the president who bollixed up Afghanistan, Iraq, Katrina and the economy — a sure sign that the Obama magic is flagging.”

President Bush spent a lot during his presidency. What did he spend it on? The aforementioned 2 wars and the costliest natural disaster in America’s history (Katrina). But he also spent money on America's response to 9/11, the creation of a massive new government agency (the Department of Homeland Security), the creation of the TSA, the creation of the bipartisan multi-billion dollar “No Child Left Behind” program, and “an open-ended, non-means-tested” massive new government entitlement program (prescription drug plan for seniors) which was “the biggest expansion of federal entitlements since Medicare itself.”

All of that spending added up over 8 years.

Barack Obama spent more than all of that – in less than half the time.

When President Obama claims that he’s fiscally responsible, everyone sees him for what he is: the Spending Czar.

We are not laughing with you, Mr. President. We are laughing at you.

And, on November 6, we will have the last laugh.